Why do children get cold even though they have enough clothes on?

When winter comes, many children are not feeling well, and the “cold weather” makes children more and more sensitive, and one after another, children get sick. Does it mean that there is no way to prevent children from getting sick because of their young age and weak resistance? In fact, we can do it, and a large part of the reason why children are not feeling well is related to the parents. If parents can pay attention to the following when taking care of their babies, they can reduce the chances of their babies getting sick. If you want to wholesale kid clothes or find quality children’s clothing wholesale, welcome to 

  Please take off the extra clothes and pants

How many clothes and pants do you wear for your child in winter? This is really a problem of the century. The more or less clothes you put on your child can cause discomfort. Since children have no way to distinguish between hot and cold, it is up to the parents to determine. So what can parents do to distinguish between hot and cold? When it comes to this issue, many parents habitually think of touching the child’s limbs to determine the temperature. Once the small hands and feet are found to be cold, they will quickly add clothes and pants to the child, until the child’s hands and feet are warmed up to do. But this method is wrong, because the baby’s cardiovascular is still small, blood circulation is not yet mature, so everything is normal, the children’s hands and feet are cold. If children’s hands and feet are hot in autumn and winter, they must be wearing too many clothes and pants.

The correct way to tell is to feel the back of the neck. Put your hand into the back of the baby’s collar and feel the back of the neck and the upper sling undershirt. 

If the skin is warm, then the clothing is appropriate;

If the skin is warm and damp, the baby is overdressed;

If your skin is cold, it’s time to add more clothes!

  Be sure to wipe after bathing

When bathing a child in winter, it is very difficult for a single adult to complete because everyone is afraid that the child will freeze and get cold. But many parents find that even if the whole process is faster, dressing faster, small babies still catch cold, what is going on?

Parents please think carefully, after the child’s bath you wipe his body? For children, it is very difficult to take a bath in winter. If parents leave the shower room before wiping the water off the child, the water on the child’s body will evaporate from the warmer bathroom to the cooler room, causing the child to get cold.

In fact, the child is less likely to get cold during the whole process of bathing. The wipe we are talking about here is not just a random wipe wrapped in a towel, but a more detailed and thorough wipe of the baby’s hair, under the neck, under the armpits, navel, inner thighs and other fold locations. The last thing I want to remind parents is: make sure to wipe all the places on your baby’s body once, and then wrap the towel tightly before you can open the bathroom glass door to carry your baby out, so as to prepare your baby to adapt to temperature changes.

  From the clean-up just start to enhance the little baby’s human resistance

First of all, we should be clear that the strength of the baby’s resistance is not the absence of disease, but whether the child can quickly regulate after illness. Simply put, it means that the child’s immune system is strong in fighting. Therefore, our aim is not only to reduce the chances of our child getting sick, but more importantly, to improve the child’s resistance. As parents, what can we do?

There are many parents who feel that the neater the better and sterile supplies are the best choice, so when shopping for newborn supplies they usually wash them with disinfectant supplies. For example: use disinfectant laundry detergent to clean the child’s clothes; use disinfectant cupboard to clean the child’s glass bottles or kitchen utensils; use wet paper towels, hand sanitizer, disinfectant hand sanitizer to clean the child’s hands; use alcohol to wipe the child’s small toys and so on.

In fact, it is a misunderstanding. If there are no germs in the human body, then the entire metabolic role of the person is to suffer harm, and the human immune system in the absence of favorable stimulating conditions, resistance will be greatly weakened. Therefore, people seek perfection means all normal cleaning, but not sterile testing. Generally speaking, children’s daily necessities need only simple care. For clothes, remember to wash them separately from adults’ clothes, and just hang them in the sun after washing; for kitchenware, just use hot water to scald them after brushing is done and blow dry them naturally; wash your hands with hand sanitizer; and just follow the toy cleaning instructions for normal cleaning. Children are not as fragile as we think, too much care is not conducive to the strengthening of resistance.

After reading this article, I believe you probably understand how to take care of your child in the winter, right? If you have your own unique ideas on this subject, please share them with us!


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