Why do people take health supplements?

You might be wondering how well that bottle of vitamin C or those fish oil tablets will work and if they’re safe when you grab for them. The first question to ask yourself is if you need them.

More than half of all Americans use dietary supplements on a regular or occasional basis. Supplements are accessible without a prescription and are often in pills, powder, or liquid. Vitamins, minerals, and herbal preparations, generally known as botanicals, are joint supplements.

Benefits of taking health supplements:

People use these supplements to ensure that they acquire enough essential nutrients and maintain or enhance their health. However, not everyone needs supplementation.

Below are six major reasons that why do people take good health supplements

1. Filling That Nutritional Gap:

90% of individuals do not consume the required quantity of crucial nutrients only from diet. Due to tight diets, weak appetite, or fluctuating nutritional demands, most of us fail to follow dietary guidelines.

Supplementation is designed to fill this nutritional void, allowing us to maintain a healthy balance of nutrients from both diet and supplements. This will increase the nutritional density of your food and ensure that you are getting the proper quantity of nutrients for your needs. 

2. Avoid Harmful Chemicals:

Caution! Pesticides and herbicides used in agriculture, chemicals present in our water supply, and external environmental challenges such as pollution can raise our need for additional vitamins and minerals. Free radicals are created by these substances, which assault our digestive and immunological systems.

3. Poor Eating Habits:

Poor digestion is caused by erratic eating patterns, consuming processed junk food, and stress. As a result, our systems have a tough time extracting all of the nutrients they require from meals. While supplements cannot replace a bad diet, they can assist in mitigating the adverse effects of bad eating habits. 

4. Prevent Expensive Health Issues:

People are being encouraged by healthcare experts to focus on illness prevention rather than illness treatment. Taking daily vitamins, exercising regularly, and visiting the doctor periodically are all key ways to avoid costly health problems in the future.

5. Nutrient Absorption Declines With Age:

Malabsorption becomes an issue as you get older because your body no longer has the same capacity to break down and absorb nutrients as it once did. You could be taking more prescriptions now than when you were younger. The majority of current drugs deplete critical nutrients. Supplements can assist in redressing this imbalance.

6. Exercise Increases Nutrient Needs:

Are you a regular exerciser or an athlete? To stay in condition, athletes require a lot of energy and nutrition. Your body expends the energy and nutrients that have been stored in your body when you work out. After a challenging workout, it’s critical to replace these necessary nutrients, feed your energy levels, and encourage healing. That’s why athletes’ diets are so high in carbohydrates and protein. Taking protein powder instead of a large dish of pasta and chicken is a quick and easy method to acquire the calories you need.


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