Why does a car accident take place so often in Kentucky?

A good comparison is to picture yourself driving down a highway. In the background, your favorite song is playing while you feel the wind in your hair. The driver in the lane next to you doesn’t bother to check their blind spot, so you have to change lanes quickly. You honk your horn and slow down to avoid hitting the other car. The other driver heard you, so they went back to their lane. Sadly, this doesn’t always work out this way.

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  • In 2016, 91,929 accidents involved moving vehicles. This was the most common kind of accident. People, vehicles, and the environment all play a part in car accidents, but people are the leading cause.
  • According to the 2016 Kentucky State Police Traffic Collision Facts Report, 54,840 accidents were caused by drivers who were not paying attention. Distracted driving happens when you don’t pay attention to the road, let go of the steering wheel, or don’t pay attention to what’s going on around you. Kentucky’s Transportation Cabinet says that drivers under 25 are more likely to be distracted or not pay attention, like when they talk on their cell phones or change the radio station. In 2014, there were 23,679 accidents caused by young drivers.
  • The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says that drivers with less experience are more likely to get into accidents. Inexperienced drivers may not realize how fast another car is going, drive too fast in bad weather, or try to turn too sharply.
  • Both drinking alcohol and taking drugs make it harder to drive safely. Even though you move more slowly and can’t see, you might think you’re in charge. You may make bad choices because you think you are safe to drive when you are not. The Kentucky State Police heard about 4,243 accidents that were caused by drinking.
  • If you don’t wear a seatbelt, you’re more likely to get hurt or die. In a high-speed crash, the only thing that might keep you from going through the windshield is your seatbelt. Ninety-five people died because of being thrown out.
  • There were 1,460 accidents because people were going too fast. Teenage drivers often speed while driving aggressively and not wearing a seatbelt. Failure of the Brakes Most car accidents are caused by mistakes made by people, but we can’t stop anything wrong from happening. Broken brakes were the cause of 1,870 accidents.
  • If you are going fast and a tire blows out, it can be scary and hard to handle. There were 1,054 accidents because a tire blew out.
  • The roads are not in good condition. Some car accidents are caused by things outside of the car, like the weather. When it rains, snows, or is icy, the road gets slippery, and driving on it is dangerous. Icy roads caused more than 12,000 accidents.
  • There have been times when animals have run in front of cars. The data show that animals caused 6,515 collisions. One of the few ways to solve this problem is to put animal crossing signs on roads, but there aren’t many.


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