Why Does The Paternity Test Cost Matters

Why Does The Paternity Test Cost Matters?

Paternity DNA tests compare the DNA between one child and the alleged father. Usually, labs prefer the baby’s mother’s participation in the test, contributing 50 percent of her DNA to her baby.

An informational paternity test outcome can’t be utilized for any kind of legal reason, like child support, removing or adding a dad’s name from the baby’s birth certificate, child visitation, or other types of verified circumstance. An informational paternity test does offer peace of mind and answers if that’s all that’s needed.

Prices vary by region, yet typically, the best test kit has collection supplies for one alleged father and one child. A non-legal paternity test starts at around $30 for the retail equipment (this doesn’t include the testing) to approximately $200, depending upon extra services like expedited shipping and testing, reach out to learn more about paternity tests.

Optional add-ons to informational paternity tests also may vary; however, these are some typical prices for those:

  • Add the baby’s mom +$30
  • Add extra kids +$100/ child
  • Ship supplies to multiple addresses + $10/ address
  • Usually, if you need to test more alleged fathers, you must purchase a separate kit.

Lab Paternity Test Cost

The paternity test cost using DNA may vary. Typically, legal DNA paternity tests cost from $300 and $500, which generally involves the collection prices related to the test. Health insurance doesn’t cover the paternity test cost.

Relationship DNA Test Costs

Maternity DNA Tests: Such tests determine whether a woman tested is the baby’s biological parent. It’s frequently used in instances of adoption and immigration. The test cost is around: $200 to $450.

Grandparent DNA Tests: Once the alleged father isn’t available for testing, DNA for a single or both paternal grandparents + the maternal parent + the baby is assessed to determine if there is a biological connection. The test costs roughly: $300 to $500.

Sibling DNA Tests: Half-sibling and full-sibling tests may assist in establishing a biological sister/brother relationship. It is beneficial for inheritance and immigration reasons. Test costs are approximate: $300 to $500.

Aunt-Uncle DNA Tests: Such tests compare the DNA of a sibling of the paternal parent in question with a child’s DNA to determine if they have a biological link. The paternity test cost is about: $300 to $500.

Family Reconstruction DNA Tests: These test DNA from various close family members to find biological connections, most often to identify a child’s father. The paternity test cost is roughly: $450 to $650.

Twin Zygosity DNA Tests: These tests confirm if twins are fraternal or identical. Seventy percent of twins who have two amniotic sacs in pregnancy are fraternal, yet 30 percent are identical. The test costs about $250.

How much do DNA tests cost? You actually cannot place a price on the peace that stems from confirming biological links. Nonetheless, accredited laboratories understand that performing any kind of DNA test is an emotional and financial investment, so they will work diligently to make sure the results are accurate and fast.






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