Why Go For A Leased Line For Your Business

A disrupted internet connection leads to slow downloading and uploading of files, unresponsive websites, interruption during video conferences or voice-over telephone calls, etc. This can be a setback to any business. A leased line is the best alternative to overcome connectivity issues.

Broadband plans that promise high speeds are not consistent as these connections are shared by several users. Nowadays, leased lines have become popular for businesses that need consistent speed and data security to enhance productivity. Understanding the basics of leased line connection to make optimum use of the benefits bestowed.

Advantages of a leased line for your business

The advantages of a leased line that are distinct to businesses are:

Consistent Speed

The bandwidth of the customer-grade broadband plans is determined by various aspects, i.e., the number of users, volume of the data to be transferred, etc. During peak hours, the connectivity becomes sluggish since many users are simultaneously using the connection. 

In a leased line the entire bandwidth will be dedicated to you, without any worries about the number of users accessing the connection or the volume of data that is being transferred. You also need not bother about the volumes of downloads. Through all of this and many other processes, you will find the speed to be consistent, without getting sluggish, even during peak hours.

Affordability and Availability

A leased line has a dedicated bandwidth that will be used only by your team. It is a lasting connection only between the service provider and you. The line will be easily available for every member of your team and can be used without any variation in the speed even if all of them access the connection simultaneously. 

With the increased demand for leased lines in the business sector to improve productivity with enhanced performance, leased line services have become more affordable. When choosing the best plans among the various internet plans available, you should consider factors like the speed of downloads and uploads, the bandwidth, the period of service provided, etc., before you make a decision.

Communication with clients and team members

Being in constant touch with your clients is a must for any business to prosper. For uninterrupted communication, whether it is via video conferences, emails, web meetings, etc, you need broadband plans that provide high and consistent speed. Leased lines are the solution. 

Imagine your plight when a video conference is interrupted due to bad connectivity or you are unable to download an essential file or unable to send an urgent email that is crucial to your business. A leased line with high and uninterrupted speed can resolve all these issues and improve the productivity and growth of businesses whether large or small.


The data security is much higher in leased lines when compared with broadband connections. Leased lines are only for the use of your company, and the data connection is only among multiple branches managed by your company. Without third-party involvement, there is no risk of leakage of data on a public network and all the confidential information of your company will be safe. 

Working from home made possible

A leased line connection to employees working from home to access their work desk and PC is an added advantage. With the journey to the workplace time saved, the output per employee will also improve, which impacts the performance and productivity of the company.

Different leased line options in India

The various leased line options in India are

  • Fibre Leased Lines

Fibre leased lines provide a symmetric data link by transmitting light on the fibre optic cables. Fibre is used for a large portion of the road except for the backhaul portion in all leased lines. 

  • Digital Subscriber Link

Low bandwidth leased lines are provided by DSL. While most DSLs are disputed and asymmetric, leased lines are undisputed and symmetric. You can opt for SDSL which is equivalent to ADSL. SDSL offers a better upload speed than ADSL and enables a symmetric link.

A modern variant of ADSL i.e., ADSL2+Annex is available. This provides a faster upload speed than the regular ADSL though not symmetric. Symmetric connection up to 3.5 Mbps can be made possible by deliberately decreasing your download access.

  • MPLS Leased Lines

These lines are gaining popularity in the business sector. Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) involves transferring data from point A to point B. The data is enclosed and labelled. You can choose the destination to transfer the data based on the labels.

This process is simplified in Corporate Wide Area Network (WAN). MPLS allows marking the various data on your WAN. Map the labels that need high performance consistently to low-latency paths and it will be taken care of. MPLS is a foundational component of digital communication. It reduces packet loss while ensuring consistently high performance. 


Before going in for the leased line do make a list of what is important for your business and compare the same with the ones given above. If the advantages are conducive to your business switch to a high-speed leased line from the regular broadband plans.


Why is a leased line required?

Leased lines are nothing but a point-to-point connection enabling communication between two points. Large businesses, corporates and organisations use leased lines. Wherever uninterrupted internet connection is required a leased line will serve better as it is a dedicated line and will be solely for your business. 

Under what circumstances does a leased line become necessary for businesses?

You will need a leased line if

  • The internet connection is business-critical 
  • Multiple users access the internet connection simultaneously round-the-clock
  • A superfast, uninterrupted and reliable connection is required.

How does a dedicated line operate?

A dedicated leased line is a private connection with fixed bandwidth and provides a point-to-point connection. Multiple users within your business will be given access to the connection. If the businesses spread over several branches, then connections will also be provided to multiple locations.

What are the different types of leased lines?

The medium used for the leased line does not matter as long as it is able to connect offices together whether it has a network circuit in between or not. The leased line can be MPLs, Fiber Optic, DSL or Satellite. But the best way to get a leased line is through the local ISPs as they are equipped with a huge geographical network infrastructure.


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