Why Having Your Roof Inspected Before Monsoon Season Is Critical

Why Having Your Roof Inspected Before Monsoon Season Is Critical

Have Your Roof Inspected Before The Arizona Monsoon Season

Most people in Phoenix start thinking about the monsoon season as soon as spring begins. Usually, monsoon season starts in June and lasts through to September. Though we have experienced dry summers from time to time, this year’s forecast is predicting record rainfall! While this news alludes to hopefully catching a break from the heat this summer, it’s essential that you test your roof’s integrity before it all starts.

Each monsoon season, every Phoenix roofing companies’ phones ring off the hook! Homeowners that chose to forego having their roof inspected beforehand almost always regret their decision. While some may lose shingles or need tile roof repair, others suffer major water damage in and around the home. Don’t take the risk this monsoon season!

Here are some of the reasons you should have your roof inspected before it rains.

Easier to Get an Appointment

We’ve already discussed that Phoenix roofers are busier beyond their capacity after the monsoon season starts. If there are consecutive or multiple days of rain and no available appointments, you will run the risk of incurring more water damage to your home. Before the monsoon season starts, roofers in Arizona are likely to have more availability.

Preparing your roof for the monsoon season is a critical task that should not be overlooked. It’s not just about ensuring the roof’s durability, but also about the safety and comfort of your home. This is where FIXD Roofing comes into play. Their professional roof inspection services can help assess any potential storm damage, providing you with peace of mind and a roof that’s ready to weather any storm.

Don’t Let Small Problems Turn into Big Ones

Would you rather experience a leak when there’s a torrential downpour or pay a reasonable fee to fix a smaller issue before it becomes a bigger problem? If you answered the latter, You’re a sensible person. With one of JBS Roofing’s free estimates, one of our certified roofing professionals will identify any damage that has the potential to cause problems before monsoon season begins. Being proactive is always better than being reactive, and proactive, in this case, is scheduling a roof inspection.

Potential small problems include:

  • Damaged underlayment
  • Broken tiles and shingles
  • Worn shingles
  • Loose tiles

Even if these problems exist, it doesn’t mean you’ll notice them right away. Meanwhile, as water is seeping through your roof materials, the problem can go unnoticed for weeks and, sometimes, even months. By the time the problem is noticeable, a lot of damage could have occurred to the structure, including the opportunity for rodents or insects to enter the home through damaged openings. A thorough roof inspection before monsoon season will identify issues early and fix issues rather than taking the risk.

Save Money in the Long Term

You may see a roof inspection as an additional cost. However, roof inspections should be seen as an investment. If the inspection shows no problems, the investment ensures a long and healthy life for your roof. If the inspection highlights an issue, you pay a small fee now rather than a big one later. Either way, it’s an investment well worth making.

Peace of Mind

Finally, there’s no replacement for the peace of mind that comes with knowing your roof is ready for Arizona’s monsoon season. Whether there are no issues at all or something small has been fixed, it means a professional Phoenix roofing company has looked at the roof and given it the go-ahead for the monsoon season.

Additionally, a roof inspection has the added benefit because your roofing professionals may spot an issue with the gutter system. During monsoon season, clogged or damaged gutters have the potential to cause even more damage to your home.

With all of these above-mentioned reasons in mind, contact JBS Roofing for your inspection today!






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