Why inexpensive appointment reminders are more effective than voicemails for your clients

Have you ever been chatting with your friend and they mentioned that they called you but they never heard back? Chances are you probably missed their call and they left a voicemail. However, if you don’t check your voicemail, you have not set up your voicemail inbox, and you forget what your voicemail passcode is, then chances are you will never hear their message!

Avoid anything that is lost in translation or never delivered in the first place by using text messages if someone doesn’t answer your call. The same goes for businesses! Instead of calling a person over and over waiting for a response – or leaving a lengthy voicemail that they may not even listen to – use inexpensive appointment reminders to get the point across to your client in no time! Let’s see a reason why using inexpensive appointment reminders is the best option for new clients for your business.

The benefits of using inexpensive appointment reminders vs. voicemail

Chances of seeing it are very high vs. not at all

If you are leaving your client a voicemail, chances are they will not listen to it. The days are gone where people call someone else on their home phone and leave a message. Instead of leaving a voicemail, people will simply send a text message to check in with the person and try to receive a response. The best way that you can make sure the person will see your message and they will understand the information is by sending inexpensive appointment reminders. After all, everyone is always on their phones for most of the day – the average person checks their phone dozens of times in just one day, so the likelihood of them being able to see your reminder is very high compared to other outreach methods.

Cheap and easy vs. obsolete

The next reason to use inexpensive appointment reminders is that this outreach method is fast, easy, and cheap! You don’t want to worry about spending a fortune on a customer outreach technique – instead, just draft a basic text message reminder and then customize it for each patient by including their name. There you have it! You are done and the tactic is simple, fast, and effective.

Includes the basic information vs. too detailed

The best part about using inexpensive appointment reminders is that it includes just the basic information. Instead of being stuck on the phone with someone and having to go into detail, you can simply send the inexpensive appointment reminder to include just the must-see information that is essential to the patient making their appointment on time!


When comparing various outreach methods to remind customers of upcoming appointments, notify patients of impending doctors visits, and alert clients to important meetings, using explain appointment reminders is the way to go. Instead of calling someone and leaving a long voicemail that may never be listened to, using reminders is the cheapest and easiest way to get in touch with your clients without having to actually speak to them on the phone.


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