Why Is Microsoft 365 The Best Productivity Cloud Across Work?

Several Microsoft Office Training institutions help learners to master Microsoft 365 because even after ten years since its launch, it remains popular and the most used enterprise cloud service. It always has the latest version of Excel, Word, OneNote, Publisher, SharePoint, and more.

Most people today don’t only work from the office; some prefer home and on their phones. That has caused co-workers to be dispersed worldwide, which calls for better collaboration tools to increase productivity.

Microsoft 365 is baked with excellent tools that make it the best. In this article, we will highlight some of the tools and explain how they make this software shine over others.

Microsoft Planner

A well-organized team is essential in any working environment. This tool is designed with primary functions such as flexible categorization, information hub, communication, and insights to give you a visual way of organizing all your teams.

My Analytics Tool

Time management is key to success while working on your tasks, and this tool is designed to show you how much time you are spending on your email, meetings, and other work areas. Knowing how much time you use in each activity helps you focus and balance your schedules appropriately.

Microsoft PowerApps

You can easily use predefined templates in this tool to create an application and connect it with other services such as Oracle database, CRM, SharePoint, and much more. You can also share your newly built App with any team member by just typing in their email address.


Sway has become the best professional presentation tool and may replace Microsoft office PowerPoint.  It allows you to drag and drop videos, charts, images in a canvas format so that you can produce attractive reports and presentations.

Microsoft Advanced eDiscovery

You can become even more productive with this tool; it allows you to quickly process a thousand files to find pertinent data in one single search using: SharePoint Online, Exchange Online mailboxes, and OneDrive for business search. Organizations use this to search through their large files for essential data. You can also export data to a CSV file using the Export for review function without changing the document properties or metadata.

Power BI Pro

If you want to publish reports, collaborate with your co-workers, share dashboards, or even just engage in other work-related activities, this tool will help you become more productive in all that.

Microsoft Flow

This fantastic tool enhances productivity by allowing you to automate workflow across different applications. For example, you may use it to connect your email with instant messaging alerts. You can also copy files from one service to the other. It is even better because it is limited to Microsoft, and the flow is used to pull information from social media and transfer files to Dropbox.


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