Why Pay More than $14 as the ESTA Application Cost?

Other websites offer ESTA application services besides the official site. Even before discussing it, it is important to understand that it is not illegal to sort the former’s services. However, don’t be surprised when you realize that you will have to pay more if you choose that option. Again, that’s not really an issue. The concern against many people is whether the high price is worth it or not. The truth is that those who sort alternative channels enjoy several benefits. Here is a discussion of the importance of paying the extra ESTA application cost. Check it out!

  • You will avoid unnecessary denial

Did you know that you stand a chance of your ESTA application being rejected in the event that you submit inaccurate or incomplete information? That’s why you have to be very keen when filling in the details during the application process. However, many times, we end up making even silly mistakes due to our human nature. Consequently, the US authorities reject the application as soon as they process it due to the errors.

That’s where paying an extra ESTA application cost pays off. Since you will be applying via an intermediary, the right one will take their time to check whether you have made a mistake. If so, they will ask you for the correct information preventing a scenario whereby your ESTA application would be denied due to mistakes despite being eligible for travel to the US.

  • You Fill in a Pretty Simple Form

Unlike the main ESTA application form, the extra fee earns you a relatively simple form. For that reason, you get to understand what’s required of you and completing it is a walk to the park. Equally important, there are low chances of making mistakes associated with misunderstanding. Under such circumstances, you get a higher chance of getting approval as well.

  • Easy to Access Notifications

You definitely would appreciate someone who would spare you the agony of refreshing the official site over and over again to check the ESTA application. Fortunately, that’s possible, and all you have to do is pay an extra ESTA application cost. If you do so, you can rest assured that you will receive a notification, mostly via your email, to notify you once your ESTA application status is out. It is worth the price since you get to save a lot of time and use it on other important stuff.

How much more do you pay as your ESTA Application Cost?

As much as the figure you pay for the ESTA application is a constant, $14, that can’t be said about the extra cost. After all, it differs from one company to the other.


You have learned that you might have to pay something else besides the official $14 as your ESTA application cost. Despite that, the extra is somehow worthy since you enjoy several benefits once you do so. However, you can only enjoy them if you choose the right partner. Only then will the price you make be worth what you get eventually. More information can be retrieved from


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