Why Rolex is a coveted Luxury brand

It’s exciting to talk about Rolex and especially when it comes to the world of luxury. There are other brands that are favorite like Panerai, Patek Philippe but Rolex is in a class of their own. It’s the most recognizable luxury brand because the lovers tend to get pretty obsessed with it.

And what are the reasons?

Rolex watches are purpose built

The lovers of Rolex value this as a tool watch and there is the romantic notion that many of the classic models were made for specific purposes and the purposes are quite adventurous ones.  It’s not just a jewelry or decoration. The GMT-Master was created for the Pan Am’s pilots who were experiencing a strange phenomenon referred to as jet-lag.  They needed a watch that could indicate two time zones at once.  Just like the submarine was made specifically for the divers.

Introduced in the 1950s also was the Milgauss for those people who worked in highly electromagnetic environments like early nuclear research labs. A highly anti-magnetic watch that could withstand gauss of magnetism in high flow.  It was not easy to find a watch like such worn by a civilian. But later, that perception changed and wearing them became cool and that remains up to today.

Rolex, the detailed brand

The nuances of the various bezels, dials, crown guards and other features in the Vintage Rolex collectors add value and collectability of the watch models.  The nuances are things like “exclamation” dial, “underline” dial and “Bart Simpson” dial boosts the watch’s value significantly. The watch is worth thousands of dollars because of the tiny details.  One good example of a detailed Rolex watch is the ‘Patrizzi’  dial Daytona  which gets its name from the watchmaker Osvaldo Patrizzi , the first guy to recognize the vanish on the black refs face. The 1994 and 1995 models get oxidized with time which means the sub dials change color once exposed to sunlight.

Their value keeps growing

The strong intrinsic value in Vintage Rolexes and the value keeps growing. The collectors get excited knowing that they are in possession of a wearable investment.  That is particularly common with Submariner, Daytona, Explorer and other sports models. And these continue to grow steadier and faster than most of other classic watches. Rolexes don’t gain in value quickly but of course there are exceptions.  There are superior hundred-thousand dollar models like the elusive stainless steel and others.

Rolexes are tough

The Rolex explorer was created to be robust for example and has special lubricants that can withstand extreme temperature changes. The makers of Rolex had high-altitude in mind where one can encounter profound temperature ranges night and day.

Consistency in quality

The brand’s success can be attributed to their keen attention on quality. High product quality is the secret to the brand’s success. The watches show time accurately, they are sturdy, robust and reliable. They maintain consistency in producing high quality and have limited the number they produce to about three quarters of a million pieces every year.

Rolex produces timeless pieces every year and their main preoccupation is in quality. The brand is keep on producing quality watches that attract the high and mighty. They keep the production low and that increases the demand- maintaining the high value.


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