Why Should You Consider Building an Outdoor Pavilion in Your Backyard?

An outdoor pavilion is a structure; homeowners build in their backyards and gardens for shelter from the elements and shade from bright sunshine. It is usually an open-air structure, available in various sizes, styles, and materials, where they can conduct outdoor activities like parties, picnics, barbecues, birthday parties, and even weddings.

The Difference between an Outdoor Pavilion and a Pergola

To the untrained eye, a pavilion may seem the same as a pergola, both being outdoor structures providing shelter, shade, and privacy, however, certain differences distinguish them. While an outdoor pavilion is a fully enclosed structure with a roof supported by columns, a pergola usually has an open roof comprising a lattice or horizontal beams with the columns fully or partially exposed. Moreover, compared to an intimate pergola, a pavilion is usually larger. A characteristic of a pergola is it is attached to a building or another structure, while a pavilion is usually an independent structure. Pergolas are more open to the weather, while pavilions may have walls or screens to enclose them against weather or insects.

The Main Benefits of Outdoor Pavilions

Protection from weather and sunshine: The most obvious benefit of an outdoor pavilion is it gives shelter from the elements and shade from the bright sun. It allows you to extend the living space of the house to the outdoors and enjoy it even when the sun is hot, the weather is humid, and it is raining.

Versatility: An outdoor pavilion is versatile due to its characteristic open structure with custom enclosures and the fact you can have it in any size and shape. According to, you can use it to entertain family and guests, as an outdoor dining area, a play area for the kids, or to chill out, meditate, read, or listen to music.

Superior aesthetics: Because you can build an outdoor pavilion to your specifications in various styles and sizes, you can be sure it will complement the aesthetics of your backyard. According to Forbes, the outdoor space should naturally appear as an extension of the interior. Modern outdoor pavilions can be constructed from various materials, including eco-friendly and recyclable ones, to have a minimal carbon footprint, something sustainability warriors will like.

Enhanced privacy: With its semi-enclosed structure, an outdoor pavilion is a perfect place to relax, insulated from the hustle and bustle of city life. You can create a more private and intimate space, neighbors can’t snoop into it by adding screens, shades, curtains, etc. vines, and creepers can add a green layer to your privacy.

Enhanced home value: An outdoor pavilion, especially when tastefully designed, can add significant value to your home. It is helpful if you are planning to put your home on the market.


Adding an outdoor pavilion to your backyard is an excellent decision. In addition to giving your home exclusive looks and functionality, you can enjoy the extended living space with family and friends. An outdoor pavilion does not cost much yet adds significant value to your home. It is a versatile and practical addition to your home, offering a comfortable and sophisticated area to relax, socialize, and enjoy the outdoors.

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