Why should you pay water taxes?

A water bill payment online is integral in ensuring our communities have access to safe and clean water supply systems. As citizens, we are responsible for contributing to this system by paying water taxes. The money collected through water taxes is used to maintain and improve infrastructure, provide clean water to households, and support research and development to increase the efficiency of the water cycle. By understanding the importance of paying water taxes, you can help to ensure that your community and its resources stay healthy and vibrant.

Read on to get an overview of why everyone should pay their water taxes and the benefits they offer to society.

To ensure access to clean and safe water for all citizens:

It is of utmost importance to pay water bills promptly to ensure that all members of the community have access to clean and safe water. Water bill payment online not only facilitates ease of payment but also contributes to the financial stability of the water provider. In turn, it assists them in maintaining the infrastructure necessary to deliver a safe and clean water supply. Furthermore, by paying water bills, citizens contribute to their community’s overall health and wellness.

To fund water infrastructure improvements:

As a responsible citizen and consumer, it is essential to pay water bills on time to support the funding of necessary water infrastructure improvements. Doing so provides the financial resources necessary to maintain, repair, and replace aging water infrastructure. It also helps with the implementation of new technologies and practices to improve water quality and efficiency. As an example, the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) developed an IT tool for the preparation of the schedule of rates with an automated Updation Methodology. In addition, consumers can make a BWSSB online payment using MobiKwik to enjoy savings through Cashback and SuperCash.

To support public health and sanitation:

Paying your water bills is an important way to support public health and sanitation. The funds collected from water bills are used to fund water safety and treatment. In addition, these funds are used to pay for sanitation services that help to protect public health by reducing the risk of water-borne diseases. Through each timely water bill payment online, you are helping to sustain the vital public health and sanitation services we all rely on.

To create economic opportunities for water-related industries:

Paying water bills helps to create economic opportunities for water-related industries. This is an important step in strengthening our economy, as these industries make substantial contributions to global growth, job creation, and the development of new technology. Additionally, investing in water-related industries can boost local economies, create employment opportunities, and increase economic stability. Even state authorities have supported easier payment options such as a BWSSB online payment through online payment applications like MobiKwik for a quick, hassle-free, and safe procedure.

Contribute to water conservation efforts:

As an active community member, it is vital to contribute to conserving one of our planet’s most precious resources. You are helping to fund research and resources that can be used to protect and maintain water sources. You are also helping to reduce water waste, which can help to improve water quality and reduce the energy needed to power water infrastructure. Paying your water bill is an important step to becoming a responsible citizen and participating in water conservation efforts.

Prevent pollution of the environment:

It is essential to pay water bills on time to prevent pollution. Failure to pay water bills on time can result in the mismanagement of water resources. This can lead to increased contamination levels that damage the environment. Paying water bills helps ensure that water is managed appropriately and that environmental sustainability is maintained.


It is important to pay your water bills on time; not only does it help ensure you have access to clean water, but it also helps support the people who are working hard to maintain and improve the water infrastructure. Water bills are necessary and a great way to support your local economy. Paying your water bills on time helps keep your water running and is an essential part of responsible water stewardship.

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