Why Vertical Gardening Is on The Up

If you are a casual gardener, you probably don’t think styles change much from year to year, but gardening fanatics follow the latest trends in the same way fashionistas take inspiration from the catwalk. Vertical gardening has seen a surge in popularity over the past few years, but what is it and why has it been embraced with enthusiasm by experts and novice gardeners alike? Here is why…

What is Vertical Gardening?

When you think of a garden, you imagine a traditional lawned space framed by flower beds. Plants are put into soil at ground level and grow flat across the land. In vertical gardening, plants are supported to grow upwards with the help of structures such as canes, fences, trellises, and trees, or placed in hanging baskets, on pots attached to walls, or on ladders or steps. Anything that makes the most of the dead vertical space in your garden is vertical gardening. You might already be part of the trend without realizing it!

Why Is It So Popular?

Vertical gardening has gained many fans due to the ability to make the most of a small space. With new-build houses having smaller gardens, growing vertically allows you to grow more. For those who love blooms, growing upwards can provide a living flower wall worthy of any Instagram account. If growing your own fruit and vegetables is the aim, vertical gardening allows you to utilize your space effectively and yield a larger volume of produce.

In areas where gardens are overlooked, vertical gardening can provide privacy by adding height. This is an attractive way to make your outdoor space more useable and works equally well in large gardens and small yards. For gardens with a decked area, patio or lain with artificial grass, container growing can still provide a stunning vertical garden – check out Pinterest and other websites for ideas. With a little creativity you can transform your low maintenance garden into a beautiful, wildlife friendly space.

Vertical gardening is also ideal for anyone with limited mobility as much of the maintenance can be done without bending. This reduces back strain and aches and pains in the legs that traditionally come with gardening.

But Will My Plants Grow?

Put simply, yes! When plants grow along the ground they often compete for space, especially if planted in cramped conditions. Vertical growing allows the whole plant to gain exposure to sunlight as well as giving better air flow. This reduces the likelihood of disease and helps your plants remain healthy throughout the growing season. If you are wanting the best results, you will still need to ensure your soil is getting the nutrients it needs by adding fertilizers and other specialist products to boost growth and productivity.

With all the benefits of vertical growing, this is a trend which is here to stay. You won’t regret investing in your outdoor space, so join the vertical gardening revolution, create a garden to be proud of and know you are helping the environment at the same time. Happy growing!


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