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Could Westlake Have The Most Affordable Westlake Tires?

Tires are expensive to buy, and as most drivers look for cheap tires, the ones they get are of lower quality. They don’t work well on all roads, and they wear and tear fast. Also, most of these affordable tires are noisy and uncomfortable to ride on. This makes it challenging when looking for a tire brand that offers cheap tires with better qualities.

But have you tried Westlake tires? This tire company operates under Zhongce Rubber, a tire company that ranks on the top of tire makers globally. The tires are affordable with good qualities. The market for these tires is fast increasing because of the value you get from the low-priced tires. Let us look at some of the products from this company and compare the advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Westlake RP18

If you are looking for Westlake tires for all kind of small cars, then you should opt for this Westlake tire. The R18 is an entry-level tire in the company’s range. It is an all-season tire designed for compact cars, mid-size sedans, and minivans. You can get the tire in various sizes depending on your car’s size.

The Westlake RP18 is quiet considering it has a pitch tread pattern, hence comfortable rides. The tire is built for all-season capabilities, with angled grooves to provide the correct traction and four circumferential grooves for hydroplaning resistance.

These tires don’t compare with other cheap tires. They perform well, give excellent traction, and have fast steering and braking responses. The tire is also safe to drive on at high speed.

RP18 has a lower performance compared to tires from known companies. The traction and grip of these other tires are way better than that of the Westlake. Also, the other renowned brand tires have a better grasp on wet roads, unlike this one.

The RP18 does not perform very well in rainy climates, and even the most experienced driver will have a hard time with the tires on snowy roads. However, the comfortable ride quality is very smooth and friendly.

  1. Westlake SU318

These Westlake tires have been in production for so long and have proved quite efficient on the roads. The SU318 from Westlake is an all-season tire for SUVs and CUVs. The tire comes in many sizes, so you can get the right one for your car. The tire performs well for its price. It can be driven on wet and dry roads, although the quality of drives on these roads will not compare with the premium tires.

The steering is responsive, and the grip and traction are good on this road. The tire also offers stability at high speeds. The SU318 also performs well in wet roads providing good grip. However, do not push the car too hard, or the tires will get nervous and not move. Besides that, the ride on these tires is smooth and quiet.

  1. Westlake SL309

The Westlake 309 suits drivers of commercial vehicles. It has a heavy-duty construction that has a 40000-miles tread wear warranty. Although the premium competitor is ahead when comparing the performance with the SL309, this one performs better than other low-cost tires.

It offers good stability, the cornering grip is excellent too, and the braking distance is shorter. Also, the tire has good traction on wet roads, even at high speeds. However, be careful not to push the tire too hard and avoid driving in snow.

  1. Westlake SA07

The Westlake SA07 has a lot of performance credentials. The tire is available in various sizes, and the these Westlake tires are made for models like mid-size sedans, Performance sedans, and executive sedans. The SA07 offers the best driving experience of all the Westlake tires. The steering response is also high, and the tire provides excellent grip and traction.

However, this tire might not be your jam if you drive on wet roads. It does not offer excellent traction, which is essential on snowy roads.

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  1. Westlake SL369

And to finalize this list, we have these all-terrain Westlake winter tires. This all-terrain tire comes with a 40000-mile warranty. It also has good off-road traction considering its price. The SL369 also offers excellent stability, and the braking distance is short. The tough is even, and the tire has a durable compound.

However while it performs quite well during the winter, this is not the best tire to go on highly water-saturated surfaces.  When buying a Westlake tire, ensure they perform well for daily driving and have a long tread life. Comfort and quietness are other factors to consider when buying Westlake tires.

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