Why you should drink Pink Himalayan Rock Saltwater first thing in the morning?

Remember the times from your school days, when your teachers taught you through stories that Well begun is half done? Well, the same is true for an effective morning routine. Morning is the most important time because what you do during this part decides the direction of your day. Hydration, Meditation, A walk or jog; there are different ways in which people give a head start to their day. In this article, we will be discussing why drinking pink Himalayan rock salt water can be a good way of starting up your day. Stay with us throughout the article to know the nuances of the morning routine and a lot more.

Goals help to navigate, but systems help reach there

The author of Atomic Habits, Mr. James Clear says that “Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement”. The author has also highlighted the fact in his book that the most successful people are successful because they have built habits/systems that helped them to succeed. If adopting a healthy regimen is your current goal, then you can learn from this important observation. Small steps that you take in the direction of your health goals can help you in succeeding. To start, you can begin with an effective morning routine. While there are several dietary uses of pink salt, it is also used as an energizer and a metabolizer. Let’s see how you can include it in your morning routine.

Pre-workout recharge, with the goodness of nature

Whether you are heading for a run or an extensive workout session, a teaspoon of pink salt concentrate dissolved in a glass of water can recharge your body salts. This not only helps in hydration but also makes up for the body salts that you lose through sweating. A question may arise in your mind that what makes pink Himalayan rock salt so special. Well, your curiosity is right on point and here are a few things that may answer this question. Pink salt is not refined from the seawater but it’s mined from the natural reserves. To put it simply, pink salt is salt in its most pure form. Since there are no chemical refinement processes involved in the case of this salt, it is free from artificial chemical impurities. So, when you hydrate your body along with this salt, you are automatically avoiding those anticaking agents from going in your body.

Healthy gut, Healthier You

Pink Himalayan Rock salt can stimulate your digestive processes. It helps in formation of hydrochloric acid, which helps in breaking down the food that you consume. With better digestion and absorption, your body gets the benefits of the nutrients absorbed through the food. At the same time, good digestion also means a healthy gut, which protects you from other health irregularities. A morning boost of this salt water to your body can help you fetch several benefits of Himalayan rock salt. You can prepare this salt water concentrate by putting five to six teaspoons of pink salt in one litre drinking water. Store this concentrate in an airtight jar. You may mix a teaspoon of this concentrate in a glass of water, give it a nice mix and then drink it the first thing in the morning. Relax for a while and that’s it; you will be ready for the next tasks of your health routine.

Hydration, because your body needs it

When you sleep at night, you are in a subconscious state for at least a period of 7-8 hours. This is the time when your body uses up the available water. This duration is quite long and this is a reason why after waking up, the first thing that your body needs is water. However, along with plain water, if you mix a proportion of pink Himalayan rock salt in it, this water can pass you additional benefits. There are 84 different types of trace minerals that are naturally present in this salt. The morning dose of salt water gives you a fine amount of these stress elements. Maintaining the hydration levels of your body also helps in nourishment of body cells. This can also help in maintaining the adequate sodium levels of your body.

You deserve the best! Don’t settle on anything less

There are several uses of pink salt, and if you are considering or at least thinking of giving it a try, then we are here to help you out. We at HaveRaw believe that the present and future generations should be able to enjoy the goodness of consumables that our forefathers could. This is a reason why everything that we bring to you is directly From Nature to You! ™.  It’s uncompromised and free from any adulterations. We set high quality standards and then reject everything else that’s even a point lesser than our benchmarks. This is the reason why when you buy from us, you are sure that you get only the best. We only bring to you what we will consume without a second thought. So, by choosing HaveRaw, you don’t just get a Healthier Salternative™, but you are also sure that you get to enjoy the benefits of himalayan rock salt.

Health transformations are not a destination, but they are the journey. Small changes in everyday lifestyle helps you achieve these transformations. Whether it’s a diet or exercise, giving 100% is a way to achieve your desired health. Adapting to the day starter regimen discussed in this article can be a small yet important step in embracing a healthier lifestyle.

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Want to buy Himalayan Rock Salt? Here is how you can do it

It’s very obvious to get confused when you have to choose from an array of available choices. One great way to overcome this confusion is to give a try to a few good options, and then keep what works for you the best. HaveRaw’s pink salt that is sourced from the Khewra Mines and completely natural. If you want to buy Himalayan pink salt online India, you can visit our website and then place your order in a few simple steps. With our delivery partners, we make sure that you receive your orders right on time.


The intention of this article is to spread awareness about natural dietary alternatives that can help to live a healthy lifestyle. This, in no way, intends to replace any professional/medical treatment, medical advice or diagnosis. For any health-related problems, major or minor, please get help from a professional healthcare provider. Please consult your doctor/ medical advisor before you undertake any new health & diet routine.


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