Why you should have separate Google accounts for your business

Google Workspace provides all the productivity apps that every business needs. However, most companies are not as familiar with most of these apps as business email accounts. Lack of familiarity means that they continue to operate traditionally. Google Workspace allows businesses to communicate with customers, collaborate, advertise, earn and pay, or receive payments, among other services. However, to access these services, enterprises need separate accounts for each service. Google Voice accounts transmit calls or messages over the Internet to people who work remotely. Google Ads accounts are essential for displaying your ads on Google and its advertising networks. Google Adsense earns your income by displaying ads on your site. Google Play developer accounts are necessary for app developers who want to submit apps under their trademarks to the Play Store and want to charge for the download.

Google developer accounts

These accounts are necessary for app publishers. It is a tool for application programming interface APIs. Businesses can be demanding if you need to create each account. You can reduce a load of these accounts by purchasing a verified one from verified account vendors from Accfarm.

How Google Voice works

Google Voice uses the Voice over Internet protocol, which uses digital signals. A phone number is required to sign in to Google Voice, and all other calls from other phone numbers convert into digital signals that you receive on the selected phone number. Call forwarding facilitates communication by simplifying calls and bringing them to one place. It works well for personal or business needs.

Why you or your company should have Google Voice

Google Voice centralizes multiple communication channels in a single unit. Benefits of Google Voice include:

  • It allows you to make and take calls from Gmail.
  • The app offers free unlimited texts. The text function secures your text messages and prevents loss in case of a phone change or losing your phone.
  • Allow calls from different numbers to be forwarded to one phone number.
  • Transcribes voicemail into text
  • Allows users to listen to voicemail while they are left and will enable you to answer the voicemail
  • It makes it possible to make calls in the middle of calls.
  • Enables the recording of calls
  • You can change the forwarding rules as needed.

Google Voice has three packages: Starter costs $10, Standard $20, and Premiere $30.

Everything you need to know about Google Ads

Google Advertising is a paid advertising platform where an advertiser pays Google per click for a particular ad. It makes your business appear on the search engine result whenever a customer searches for goods or services like yours on Google searches or maps. Advertising on Google markets your business because Google is a widely used search engine.

Difference between Google Ads and Google Adsense

Companies use Google Ads to promote their sales on Google Search Engine and Google Maps. In contrast, websites blog YouTube and social media platform operators use Google Adsense to monetize the platforms by placing ads from other companies.

Importance of Google Ads for a Business

  • It increases customers by increasing the exposure of the company and the search engines
  • It is suitable for all types and sizes of companies
  • You can increase or decrease Internet traffics with Google Ads
  • Has a high yield
  • Achieves first direct results


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