Winning At Online Roulette – The Best Tips To Win

There are no guarantees and tricks to win at online roulette games, and this is not new, but there are strategies that, if applied, can bring benefits. And we wanted to list them in this post.

Study the patterns at the table

If you have spent much time playing at a table, try to remember which numbers or tables came up most often. It’s worth remembering that it could come in handy in potential bets.

Even if the results are random, this observation might help you.

Did you win? Take what you have won and stop playing

If you wagered $ 10 and earned $ 40 after a while, you know that you have already exceeded 300% of what you initially invested. Stop playing, and don’t be greedy. You could lose this money on the next spin.

Play online roulette: The European version

As you know, there are two main types of roulette: European and American, respectively with one and two 0. This second decreases the chances of winning; choose Europe and do not voluntarily decrease your chances.

European Roulette

European roulette for us is the classic and the one we prefer to play even if, in truth, the original could be defined as the American one.

The European version of online roulette is, in fact, a variant of the one born in the beginning and which does not have the double zero 00 boxes. This change means greater chances of winning for the players and a margin of victory for the lower house edge.

The European Roulette wheel is divided into 37 boxes numbered in a random, non-sequential manner, alternating between red and black, apart from the single zero box, which is green.

The main difference between European and American roulette revolves around the double zero. At the same time, with the French one, it concerns the design of the table itself. In the French one, the words remain original in French, therefore. The table is red while in the European one the table is green.

The European version of online roulette shares the same bets with the French one apart from the call bets, which is not present.

While on the one hand, the European Roulette respects the En Prison rule, i.e. when the ball lands on the zero box, the bets on the single numbers are frozen for one spin and resumed in the next one, on the other hand, unlike the French one, the European version of online roulette does not respect the Partage rule which would like to lose only half of what is wagered in the event of a zero.

The following are the betting options:

Inside bets, the most profitable, are divided into:

  • Straight, or a single number
  • Split, or a bet on two adjacent
  • Street numbers, or a bet on three horizontal numbers
  • Corner or Square, or a bet on the intersection of four Line numbers, or a bet on six numbers in two rows of three

Outside bets are classified into two categories: those that cost less but have a better chance of winning and those that pay more but have a lower probability of winning:

  • Color, red or black 
  • Even and Odd
  • Strong (between 19 and 36) or Poor (between 19 and 36) (between 1 and 18) 
  • Column put a wager on the 12-number column.
  • Dozen, bet on a dozen to choose from among the three available

Once the bet has been placed and the ball has stopped on the wheel, if you win, it will be collected if you lose, the bank will withdraw the bet.

American roulette

As with most online casino games, online roulette is also available in different variants. The best known are the American, European and French roulette; in truth, there is also roulette without the zero.

These roulettes differ from each other in having different rules and even small technical tricks.

The American version of online roulette has kept the same characteristics as always; the wheel has 38 numbers and two verse boxes worth 0 and 00.

These two boxes are the main elements that differentiate American roulette from the other variants. It was, in fact, the work of the Blanc brothers, in the 19th century, the elimination of 00, thus increasing the chances of winning for the players and decreasing the winning percentages of the bank.

If the latter is called French roulette, the American roulette, the one with the two verse boxes, had a rapid spread and equally widespread popularity with the public that most online casinos wanted to keep it as such, without therefore benefiting the player, to be able to declare that the original roulette, as it was conceived and conceived, is precisely this one with the two green boxes.

The 00 squares are an important advantage for the dealer, which greatly increases the edge over the player to double it compared to the other variants.

If, in fact, in the European roulette, the advantage is equal to 2.7% in the American one, it is similar to 5.26%. Said that it is more disadvantageous than the others?

The answer is simple

American roulette allows lower minimum bets than the other types, thus becoming an excellent test bench for beginners who do not want to invest large amounts of money. However, remember that the most accredited online casinos in India allow you to play for free and unlimited time.

American roulette bets can be of two types; internal to the table or external.

With the outside bets, it is easier to win; in fact, they concern more groups of numbers and increase the chances of winning.

The points can be the following:

  • Black and Red
  • Odd or Even
  • Numbers High or Low Numbers
  • First, Second or Third Dozen
  • First, Second or Third Column

The riskiest but also the most profitable bets are those inside the table and are the following:

  • Single Number
  • Triplet or 3 numbers aligned
  • Horse or 2 numbers aligned 
  • Sestina or 6 numbers
  • Carre, angle of the conjunction of 4 numbers

Another feature of the American roulette wheel lies in the diametrically opposite position of 0 and 00 and the non-consequentiality of the numbers that are, in fact, mixed.

This was designed to achieve randomness according to a game logic that leaves room for the players’ luck.

Choose the color

This choice does not pay a lot, but it is reduced to 50%, black or red? With this choice, we have high victory percentages. Start by betting $ 1, and only with practice do you start increasing your bets.

Bet on the numbers 1/18 and 19/36

Bets on numbers between 1-18 and 19-36 are a bit risky even if the chances of winning are, in theory, as the color ones; also, in this case, we recommend starting with small amounts and increasing only when you have outlined your strategy.

Bet on the lines

This bet also has a good chance of winning, and generally, if you lose the first bet, it is advisable to bet again on the original choice. If you lose again, there are mainly two things to do: stop playing or double up while keeping the same bet. But if you decide to double down and lose a third time, stop playing and don’t continue with the double. By following this strategy, you risk losing other money.

Play on zero intelligently

In online roulette, there are a total of 36 numbers, with the zero being 37. Each of them has an equal likelihood of happening. Generally, suppose you want to bet on a particular number. In that case, it usually takes about 75 or 85 spins of the wheel to occur, especially in online casinos where algorithms produce the results.

After so many red and black releases, it will happen that a zero will come out, in which case there are small betting strategies that could help in this; one of our favorites is this.

Bet $ 1 on red and $ 1 on black, and $ 3 on zero. If the zero comes out within the first 16 spins of the wheel, you have already earned 16 $. Zero is more likely to come out within 30 and about 2 times within 70 wheel spins, in which case the gain at the end of the session could be more than $ 100.


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