Women Handbags- Tips and Trends to Follow in 2022

Maybe you are wearing an embroidered mulberry saree, a leather jacket, or bell sleeves kurta; handbags will always be crucial in your consolidated outfit. With the ridge of bell bottoms, cold shoulders, and irregular dresses, you require an upgrade in your bag collection. The fashionable women’s handbags are not only efficacy-based but diverge your internal and outer charisma. A fresh addition to your cupboard is the best way to keep yourself in a generous mood. Keep in mind the previous time; you decked yourself in your preferred dress. You became elegant and confident. The same is true for a trendy handbag that gives you the flexibility to roam around willingly. It looks after your essentials and always becomes the significance of your clothes and mood.  

If you want to know how to update your bag collection, we have got you covered. The cost-effectiveness of the high-quality leather bags would leave you dizzy. The most stylish handbags involve a classic design, structure, and functionality with the right type and number of zippers and sections that never allow things to get muddled. You can keep your headphones individually from your comb, your laptop apart from the water bottle, and travel accessories separate from your files.

A Few Important Tips to Follow

1. Declutter your wardrobe

It is always helpful for you to identify what you require in present times and what can be discarded or donated.

2. Organize the shelves

You must keep your work wear, daily wear, party clothes, special occasions and date wear on distinct shelves.

3. Identify which occasion needs which bag

You must check your needs as per occasions, like women’s office bags, regular running chores handbags, party need sling bags, special occasions and date bags.

Some Handbag Trends to Try in 2022 

The most prominent trends of handbags to try in 2022 would not be something exaggerated or costly. The latest handbag trends will send you in time of old motifs, matchless prints, and rich designs. We stay very much into showy, decorated, and frenzied handbags that we have ignored the elegance of handicraft materials that feel like the freshness of earth after the rain.

Here are some distinct handbag styles to follow in 2022:

1. Handbag for a woman who likes to party

Party handbags need to be fun and eccentric shades that are diverse from the daily shapes and sizes but prompt you of the long-lost roots. What do you think about a hobo handbag? It has a classic blend of green and blue with a charred brown colour leather strap, ideal for elevating your party mind but in a sedated way.

2. The bag for a woman who adores executing

There can be various trendy handbags that can be utilized for execution, but the most significant one requires to be eternally classic. So, what is most effective than motif women’s handbags? Bringing the new vibes of the peacock motifs together with the aristocratic look, this bag attracts people everywhere you go.

3. A bag for a woman who is a homemaker

Amongst the different styles of handbags, shoulder bags must be something that we can suggest for homemakers. The conventional handicraft bags will become their companion during many rounds to the market or hurrying to their kid’s school.

4. A handbag for office going woman

As you shuffle between parenthood and work or your interest, you require keeping yourself focused, convinced, and tabulated. Amid the most popular trends in women’s handbags, the office bag is your steadfast alternative that can reach out on a busy day but in a stylish way.

5. A bag for the woman who goes workout and all

For storing your sweaty items and your water bottle, towel, and wallet, you require a bag that is expansive, sectioned, and long-lasting. Tote bags are essential things that will be your best friend in daily classes, coaching, and all that must be paid attention to almost regularly.

6. A bag for the minimalist woman

A multicolour casing wallet with a detachable sling can be an effective choice if you only wish to carry your money, tissue, cards, comb, lipstick, and everything that is only elemental and can be something to depend on.


On the whole, different women’s handbags are in trend and directed towards the fashion enhancement, lavishness, and eminence of the wearer. For more options in fashionable handbags, you can take a look at NovoShoes NZ.

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