Yacht Rental Booking Tips

Yacht trips are great for exploring the world’s most beautiful skylines. The yacht charter offers you and your family a safe and enjoyable holiday environment. You can personalize your yacht trip according to your preferences. We have compiled some most important aspects of planning a yacht charter.

Booking a yacht charter

No matter where you go for your yacht trip, having the proper knowledge is crucial. Whether you need a yacht for rent in Dubai or Maldives, many things must be considered before choosing the right company according to your preferences.

Below are some tips for those chartering a yacht for the first time.

  • Number of passengers
  • Duration
  • Insurance
  • Facilities you need

Number of passengers

Before you call the yacht charter company, you must know how many passengers will be with you. This will help you find the right Yacht for your needs. If you are a small group, a small yacht will be great, while you may need a bigger one if you are a large group.


Another important aspect you must know is the duration of your trip. You can book a yacht for as long as you want, but you must inform the company about your duration on the Yacht. You may get a penalty if you try to spend more days in the sea. 

As other customers are also in the queue, you may have to pay extra or get a penalty for overstaying on a yacht. You can ask the company if you want to stay longer. It’s up to the company whether they permit you or not because other clients have pre-booked their yachts just like you.


When booking a trip, you must ask for everything in detail. Different yacht charter companies offer different types of facilities and amenities. You can tell about your preferences, like what you want on your trip and what recreational activities you will do while on the Yacht. You can also choose what food and drinks you want on your trip.

This will help you make your trip better and will also be easier for the company to fulfill your requirements. Also, let the company know if you want some water sports equipment such as boards, jet skis or diving equipment etc.


When pre-booking a yacht, it is important to protect your trip accordingly. It is better to buy travel insurance, so your non-refundable up-front can be covered. There can be many reasons to cancel a trip, but you can make your booking secure by paying a few thousand dirhams. 

You cannot cancel your trips for any reason. According to insurance policies, you can only cancel your trip for specific reasons. And you have to provide proof to get compensated.  

  • In case of injury to any passenger
  • Death of any companion
  • Unsuitable weather conditions
  • Family emergency
  • Job loss 
  • Civil unrest

The above reasons may vary according to the insurance companies and different regions around the world.

Rules to follow on Yacht

With a ton of luxury and comfort, there are some rules to be followed. You must know these rules to ensure a smooth yachting experience. We have below discussed these rules, which you should have a look at. 

Barefoot rule

To keep the deck and cabins, it is not allowed to wear shoes while on a yacht. Shoes can damage decks by leaving marks and dings on the floor. This rule is clearly written on the rental agreement, and the crew will give you soft-soled shoes, or you have to roam around the boat without shoes. Decks are clean and free of hazards, there is nothing to worry about being barefoot.

Respect the crew members

All the crew, captain, chef and housekeepers must be treated with the utmost respect. They are responsible for your safe and comfortable journey. Always listen to the captain attentively and specific safety instructions. You must be aware of emergency procedures and safety issues.

Instructing any crew member is not considered good practice. It is against yacht etiquette. If you have any problems or are facing some issues, you can talk to your boat captain.

Pet rules

If you are planning to bring your pet on a yacht, advise the rental company in advance. All yachts are not pet-friendly, so it is better to tell your preference for pets. Most of the companies have pet-friendly yachts as no one wants to leave their best friend behind.

Illicit activities

There should be no activity against the law or yacht rules. The penalty for any illegal activity on a yacht is seizing and license canceling. That is why the crew never tolerates any illegal activity, such as ammunition or drugs. Make sure you are not taking anything illegal with you.

Smoking policy 

Most yachts have smoking prohibited in the cabins. However, you can smoke in the open area where the smoke blows away with air. Make sure you safely douse the cigarette in water or an ashtray. The interiors are mostly wood, which is more likely to catch fire. 

Crew cabins

Another important rule while on a yacht is never to go to the crew’s private space unless invited. Passengers must give some space to crew members, you can ask the captain if you want to see the crew’s cabins. 

Same with the kitchen, it is not considered good to go in the Yacht’s kitchen without permission. You can roam freely in your space but not invade the crew areas.

Final words about yacht rental

As yachting can be a memorable experience, it is important to make it the best. You must follow some tips and rules to make your yacht trip enjoyable and fun-filled. You must know some basic rules to board a chartered yacht.


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