Your Business Needs Call Recording: Here’s why!

Why Call Recording matters?

In order to succeed as a business, you need to be as agile as possible in order to respond to the
always changing demands of the customers with a good business phone system. In today’s
world, customer experience is an essential part of the business. Because if your customers
experience bad then they will just turn to another business.
Call recording can help your business ensure the legal regulatory compliance, a way to
monitor your customer’s experience since it unfolds in each call your business takes and it
ensures business-wide guideline compliance. further, we will discuss in detail how call recording
can help your business.

Does your Business Need Call Recording?

Yes, you certainly do. Previously the call recording feature was limited to only to the large
enterprises which could pay for such feature and hardware which is needed to not just record but
also for managing and storing the recordings.
However, the VoIP makes this possible for even small businesses. Call recording is also
critical for small and midsize businesses might be even more compared to large enterprises.
After all, a large enterprise would have the money and the legal teams to fight in case of a
potential dispute, in the meantime, a dispute means a big headache for a small business that is
not properly prepared to defend themselves.
Any business which interacts with the public and serves customers should always be
looking for one mean to enhance their customer service and the customer experience. Also, call
recording is one of the best means to gain a lot of insight into your customer’s journey and how your agents are performing. The edge of this feature is that it can offer you a lot compared to the
problems which can occur without it. Let’s discuss some more ways

❖ Quality Assurance and Training

One of the major uses of call recording feature is that managers can listen in on phone calls to
make sure that the agents meet the quality standards to provide the best possible customer
experience. They can ensure that the interaction between your agent and the customers is
meeting the level of satisfaction and quality that your business is striving for. With regard to
employee training, call recording feature allows managers to find particular examples of what to
do and what not to do from real interactions. Furthermore, this feature can help managers
understand which agent may need a little guidance and training, with a peek into their
performance as it actually occurred.

❖ Capture Missed Information and Details

Even with the latest CRM solutions which allow your agents to log every single piece of
information for each interaction, still, it is completely possible that something might fall between
the cracks. Yet agents need to manually input information and write notes for every single
interaction. It is important to remember that human error is real, and it is possible that an agent
might forget to input the right information or probably even entirely forget something that the
customer told them. The call recording feature allows your business to go back in time and listen
to the call as it happened, providing an opportunity to find the missed information. This can help
you save time and also ensure the up-most accuracy.

❖ Ensure Regulatory Compliance

A lot of businesses, specifically those in the medical field and contact centres need to abide by
all the particular regulatory compliance laws. The call recording feature allows administrators
and managers to look into the interactions that your business is having with the clients and
customers and ensure that the agents are following regulator compliance laws since they need to

be. Again, this also helps managers determine which agent needs training or how and when to
implement new guidance and regulations for agents to ensure compliance.

❖ Improve Your Service or Product

Your business can look back at all the previous interactions between the agents and the
customers with call recording. This way you can form a better understand of how to enhance the
service or product your business offers. By listening to the support calls, the product
development and marketing teams can get an insight on particularly what problems are having
and what pain points they are experiencing.
Call recording allows the teams to get a better insight and understand where and how the
service or product needs to be improved. These call recordings provide real life, highlights and
factual interactions which the customers are facing.

❖ Create Customer Personas

Just like the idea of enhancing your business services or products, call recording feature can help
your business particularly the marketing team to better understand who your customers are. For
instance, if one age group is always calling to ask about a similar promotion or product, your
business can modify future services and create a marketing approach to capture this demographic
or change the service to fir their requirements better. This feature provides a marketing team with
the ability to get a lot of insight from daily interactions and conversations.

❖ Resolve Possible Disputes

The call recording feature can be your business’s strongest line of defence when it comes to any
potential dispute between the clients and customers. Any lawsuit which can arise from a
potential dispute can be absolutely crushing to any small business and a headache to even bigger
This feature can also help you in preventing any devastating disputes or prevent disputes from
evolving into a costly and lengthy battle. Recording of each interaction can prevent disputes

from turning into battles, as the conversation and interaction are recorded. Managers can actually
go back and listen to the conversation to see what happened and utilised that information to
resolve the dispute.


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