Your Complete Guide To Understanding Pallet Forks

When it comes to useful tools, it is hard to beat pallet forks. These devices are seen in nearly every industry and farmsteads throughout the world. They safely move enormous amounts of materials from one place to the next. While manual pallet jacks do their fair share of heavy lifting, things really get interesting when you put a motor behind them. The fact is, without the durability, variety and versatility of pallet forks, the world would be a far less productive place.

You can buy pallet tines that vary in load-lifting capabilities as well as length. They typically can be adjusted for width. John Deere Pallet forks are among the best in the industry and offer many options. You must pick the right size for your machine. The available pallet forks on the market can be separated into three basic categories: light duty, medium or standard duty and heavy-duty. Once you decide on the usage level, you are ready to shop for the best implements for your machine.

Are Pallet Forks Universal?

When looking for the best tractor forks, it is important to pay attention to the mounting mechanism. Universal models are available for many styles, but there are also Euro versions and John Deere models as well. For the universal style to work on your machine, it is necessary to have a universal mount on the front of your host device. For more information, read your owner’s manual or contact your parts dealer. Pallet forks can be mounted onto skid steers, tractors and fork-mounted machines.

While proper mounting is essential for safe operation, that is just one item to consider when lifting any load. The following precautions should always be used:

  • Keeps forks low to the ground when transporting items
  • Perform regular and necessary maintenance
  • Use both tines for lifting and transporting
  • Never use forks for unintended uses
  • Keep an eye out for worn parts and cracks

Best practices allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your implements. It also extends the lifespan of your forks.

How Far Apart Should Pallet Forks Be?

The important thing is to keep the center of gravity of the load in the middle of the forks. For long, narrow loads the forks can be closer together, and for wider loads, the tines should be further apart. The important thing is to have the load evenly distributed upon the forks. Loads come in all shapes and sizes, so it can take some skill to position the forks for the optimal width.

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As essential as pallet forks are to Western civilization, they are just one of many valuable attachments to consider for your tractor. A tractor stump bucket is another useful tool. They can help you shred debris and underbrush, carry heavy concrete slabs and uproot tree stumps. They also work for dozing, digging, grappling and backfilling.

You can also find quality attachments that help with hay baling as well as removing snow from a lengthy driveway. You can find the best parts and most affordable deals by shopping online.

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