Zip Up Hoodie: Urban work in the women’s wardrobe

Regardless of your style, wearing a men’s hoodie will give you an urban look! Originally, sweatshirts were aimed at athletes. This part of the modern men’s wardrobe was originally designed for practicing sporting activities. Thanks to its extraordinary comfort, men’s hooded sweatshirts provide great freedom for upper body movement. Especially practical thanks to the central kangaroo pocket. You can easily slide your smartphone during a jogging session. This very comfortable and loose-fitting piece is ideal for physical activity, but it’s not the only one.

The tie die sweatshirt has two central zip closure pockets that are perfect for opening and closing zippered sweatshirts as needed. This style of the sweatshirt is very practical and has a very sportswear look. It can be worn by closing or opening it over a T-shirt.

Over time, zip up hoodie women’s hoodies has become a fashion necessity in men’s wardrobes. Many fashion and ready-to-wear brands offer it on the shelves for a more elegant look and for the general public. Today, it is available in a variety of styles. For a more elegant look, you can choose, for example, a round-neck sweatshirt.

How to choose a men’s hoodie?

Men’s hoodies are no longer just for urban youth in underground culture. It was democratized thanks to the major luxury brands that grabbed it to turn it down with more dressy outfits and less meaningful street wear fashion. The hoodie is now one of the timeless men’s sweaters.

To choose from the many models available, risk returning to a style that is too casual and relaxed, and choose a cut that is not too large. Therefore, we choose tuned cuts without being extra slim to maintain the spirit of comfort. The color is sober and elegant! Neutral colors such as black, gray, and even navy blue are important elements that can be associated with all shades. The most original prefers red or yellow models that bring vibrancy and dynamism to the outfit.

Men’s sweatshirts are worn by men of all ages and all clothing styles. Not only for teens but also casual and chic outfits.

What do you wear with a hoodie?

Given the men’s hooded sweatshirt, you’ll soon imagine the look of the story wear that many hip-hop enthusiasts quickly adopted. However, hoodies can make up many chic casual outfits. We associate it very broadly with jogging pants. Attach it to your legs, if possible, to create a contrast with the amplitude of your sweatshirt and give it some style while jogging.

Some people use it in a casual style for everyday wear. In this case, it goes well with jeans and dress shoes. You can also wear an open cardigan sweatshirt over a plain T-shirt, such as white with chinos or sneakers. Very casual yet trendy, you’ll find the perfect outfit for your trip to the city.

It can be worn with an elegant jacket, such as a beautiful chic coat, to avoid the hoodie (or hoodie) sportswear spirit and complete a dressy outfit. The conflict between the sophisticated work embodied by the coat and the casual spirit of the sweatshirt creates all the originality of this very current outfit. It combines your relaxed side with your interest in style and aesthetics to give it a modern look.

Casual style with a zip up hoodie

On the casual side, a hoodie with jeans, Chelsea boots, and an overcoat is a more comfortable style yet very comfortable.

A simple white T-shirt with chinos, sneakers and a hoodie provides a solid and easy-to-make base for casual outfits. It can also be used with a perfect type of leather jacket. Gray hoodies, perfects, and trios are always winners.

Which hoodie in which style?

Here, taste and color are almost indisputable. For the look of sportswear, tie dye sweatshirts, wear a classic hoodie with kangaroo pockets and a white cord. To soften the sporty side of this masculine piece, choose a hoodie with the same color code as the rest.

Zip hoodies, on the other hand, are much more versatile. It fits many styles and offers the opportunity to practice layered skills that are perfect for mid-season dressing.

Choose a material for your hoodie

As for the material, never synthesize it. Made of 100% quality cotton, this excellent hoodie will withstand and fall easily over time. Then, like all the pieces in the wardrobe, the quality of the finish is an indicator of the quality of the pieces.

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