3 Steps on How to Open a Cryptocurrency IRA to Help Your Financial State!

A lot of people consider cryptocurrency individual retirement accounts (IRAs) as alternative investments. This trend has caught on with mainstream investors as well. They are now starting to view crypto as a long-term investment, thus breathing even more life into the crypto IRA movement.

But what’s the difference between a crypto IRA and a traditional IRA?

A traditional IRA is a long-standing account that allows you to purchase various securities, which you’ll depend on after retiring from your 9 to 5. On the other hand, a crypto IRA is much like a regular IRA. What sets it apart is that it’s self-directed and holds investments in cryptocurrency instead of cash, precious metals, stocks, or bonds.

If you’ve been following up on the cryptocurrency IRA trend and wish to include it within your retirement plan, here are three steps that should help you do just that.

1.  Book a Free Consultation

The first thing you should do is evaluate whether a crypto IRA is perfect for your investment portfolio. Consider both the benefits and trade-offs of this alternative asset to decide if it aligns with your long-term investment goals.

Crypto IRA has several advantages, including portfolio diversification, the potential for good returns, positioning for a long-term hold, and tax savings. However, on the flip side, you’ll face price volatility, higher fees than a regular IRA and will be solely responsible for all decisions and investment risks.

Go ahead and open an account with a crypto IRA provider only when you’re sure about your decision.

2.  Assess If Cryptocurrency IRA Is Good for You

Next, book a consultation with a self-directed IRA custodian. This way, you can learn more about their fees, contribution limits, how your crypto will be stored, and security measures.

Some custodians need an application, so setting up an appointment can be a great way to learn about the process. Here are some examples of some well-known cryptocurrency custodians.

  • iTrustCapital
  • Bitcoin IRA
  • BitIRA
  • CoinIRA

Bear in mind that the crypto IRA space is relatively new, and it helps to do extensive consultations before you go ahead. So, book as many consultations as you need to get started with an informed mind.

3.  Choose an Optimal Portfolio

Crypto investment can potentially yield good returns, but the truth is cryptocurrencies are known to be volatile. The market isn’t regulated, and over time, their values tend to fluctuate.

As such, make sure you conduct due diligence on the cryptocurrency you wish to include in your retirement account. An optimal portfolio should spread out your investment risks. Ideally, you want to combine different cryptocurrencies to create some level of stability.

With that in mind, only add cryptocurrencies that you feel will be great for your retirement account. Don’t gamble with relatively new crypto that’s just picking up steam, as the tide could change at any time.

The Bottom Line

If you strongly believe in the crypto future, crypto IRAs provide an opportunity for you to enjoy tax savings alongside great returns. However, make sure you do due diligence because, just like any other investment, there’s always a level of risk involved.

All the same, getting started is pretty straightforward. Simply follow these three steps highlighted above to open your crypto IRA.


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