5 best sticker apps for Marathi keyboard

Maharashtra has been reeling under the devastation that has come upon it since last year. Maharashtrians like me have heard about unfortunate events in every house. It becomes difficult in such cases, to communicate with them. What should you talk about? Which words will lessen the pain of the bereaved families. We find whatever we can to divert our minds from these forgetful times. There have been really good Marathi films and TV series in recent times. The efforts that are being put into making meaningful cinema from certain production agencies have paid off. The important thing is that the Marathi film industry has got recognition on the global stage. Although I am not saying we need validation from anyone, it is necessary to give due credit to the improved content and also publicity strategies. So yes, there is a lot of discussions that go about once these movies are released.

Nowadays, stickers and memes are a big influence on people’s will to watch something. If they see a lot of memes or plenty of stickers of a movie/series, they won’t blink an eye before starting to watch it. Adding to the powers of stickers, it has changed the way chats were looked at. There was a time when emojis were special but have now evidently been replaced by stickers. Movie scenes can now be converted to stickers and shared, making it convenient than before. If you’re looking for ready-made stickers to convert your boring conversation to fun, this is a list of the best 5 apps for Marathi stickers.

Marathi Keyboard with Marathi Stickers

Keyboard ani stickers cha kay sambandh?”(What is the relation between keyboard and stickers). This would be your first thought after reading the heading. But I can assure you, in the next 2 minutes you read about it, you will be assured that it is the best Marathi sticker app. The Marathi keyboard app is the highest-rated Marathi typing keyboard app on the Play store. There are various reasons for that.

First, it is the best app for English to Marathi typing. The AI-powered keyboard does no mistake during transliteration. Powerful auto-correction and accurate word suggestions help in creating flawless messages. Speech to text feature aides a person in typing long sentences quickly. But that’s not how it becomes the best Marathi sticker app.

There are various sticker options available on the keyboard. So many so that it might be overwhelming sometimes and confusing of what to use. Starting with, the keyboard has hundreds of ready-made stickers in the Marathi and English languages. The static stickers are on many topics – politics, movie dialogues, greetings, appreciation, and current status.

On the same theme, there are hundreds of animated stickers under the GIF option. Even movie scenes are converted to animated stickers and they look sick! Since we are talking of animated stickers, the Marathi keyboard app allows you to even make them. The camera option on the keyboard records a small video converts it to a GIF and makes a sticker.

If you use Snapchat, you might be familiar with Avatars – cartoonist representation of oneself. Now you will be able to create avatars for Whatsapp too using the Marathi keyboard app. Following the same procedure as the animated stickers, you can even customize your avatars.

Bigmojis is an exclusive feature of the app. They are big emojis that you can make by long-pressing the emojis. The sent stickers can be added to WhatsApp favorites by anyone. The last type of stickers that the keyboard allows you to make is Pop-texts. The text you type can be converted to stickers if they are under 25 characters. The design will be available for preview on the top-left corner of the keyboard. If you don’t like it, escape and type again. The keyboard will bring forward a new design for the pop-texts. – Sticker Maker & Whatsapp Status Video

Extremely popular sticker-making app and one of the best on the Play store. develops its library of stickers by community involvement. Anyone can make a sticker pack and keep it open for anyone to add on Whatsapp. The app has many Marathi stickers, as many as you want. Even you can make stickers on this app.

Animated stickers are difficult to find on this app. That process is difficult, unlike the Marathi keyboard app. Nevertheless, you can mind thousands of Marathi stickers here. You can find stickers on movies, an actor or famous tv series. The app will always provide.


Marathi Stickers

It is a simple but beautiful app that provides hundreds of stickers in a straightforward manner. There are stickers of famous old serials including Tatya Vinchu. The sticker packs can be added to WhatsApp instantly and are ready to use. The stickers are also regularly updated hence the user can download the latest stickers whenever they are added.

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Marathi Sticker Packs: 1000+ Stickers

This app is a very new app but growing at a steady rate as can be seen from the number of downloads. It has plenty of sticker collections to choose from that can be added to WhatsApp instantly. The user interface is also good, which makes the selection of stickers simple. You can even create your own stickers with editing options such as crop, texts, and rotation. Sticker packs can be added to the app which the community can then download and enjoy!

Marathi Stickers: Stickers For You and Marathi

The last app featured on our list is the Marathi Stickers for you app. It has categorized the sticker collections based on themes and tags, making finding appropriate stickers convenient. The app has many stickers of famous Marathi actors, political personalities, and greetings. The ratings of the app are also impressive considering the number of downloads.


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