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6 unique casket designs that may be ideal for your loved one’s funeral

When we lose someone we love we are often flooded by an array of emotions, not to mention questions and details for how to proceed with end-of-life services. Whether you decide to have a ceremony or explore one of the many alternative ways to pay respects, you will likely have to get together with close family members to decide how to proceed.

You’ll likely have to get in touch with people, sometimes family members you haven’t spoken to for a long time. Everyone will have their opinion about what is best for your lost loved one.

One of the more important choices you’ll make is what kind of casket you would like for your loved one. Once you start taking a look at caskets, whether it be at a funeral products provider or online, you will quickly find that there are an array of options that you can possibly choose from. Below, we go over some of the most common types of caskets that you can choose from for a lost loved one, visit site to see more types of caskets.

Hardwood Caskets

Caskets made of hardwood often result in an elegant look. Common casket woods generally include cherry wood and mahogany. The cost of these types of caskets will vary greatly depending on the wood used as well as the level of craftsmanship.

Wood Veneer Caskets

Wood veneer caskets are able to capture the same elegant look of hardwood caskets at a fraction of the price. Those who are on a smaller budget might consider wood veneer caskets if a hardwood casket is out of price range.

Veteran Caskets

If your loved one served in the military, it might make sense to get a military veteran casket. These types of caskets usually feature a high-gloss exterior as well as a branch of service imagery that is included on the hardware and the casket interior. This is the type of casket you would want to get for a loved one who was very proud of their service and duty.

Stainless Steel Caskets

Steel caskets offer meticulous craftsmanship and vivid high-gloss finishes. These caskets are usually at a more agreeable price point and these are extremely popular choices for lost loved ones.

Bronze & Copper Caskets. …

If you’re looking for a casket design that is elegant yet durable, bronze and copper caskets represent a sensible choice. These types of caskets are rust-resistant and provide a strong level of protection.

Biodegradable Caskets

Also called “green” caskets, these caskets are 100% biodegradable and will likely be the preferable choice for those who advocated for and enjoyed the natural world.

Whether your loved one left detailed instructions about what kind of casket or whether they left it up to you and the family to decide, one of the casket designs mentioned above is sure to suit your needs and your budget.

The most important thing to do is remain faithful to your loved one’s wishes and to give them an amazing tribute and/or ceremony. We wish you the very best during this time.


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