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8 Editing Functions You Can Do With Your PDF

A lot of people prefer to use PDF for their documents and files. One of the reasons is because PDF can keep its integrity even when shared with other users. However, there are instances that you need to update its contents and that is not possible when you are only using a reader. Luckily, there’s an easy and convenient way to edit and update your PDF documents.

Using an online PDF tool such as GogoPDF, you can use some editing functions to help ensure that your documents are up to date. It’s a web-based tool that offers a variety of features that will help maintain and organize your PDF file. One of the best things about this tool is that you no longer need to install or download anything. It’s a free website for everyone to access.

PDF’s Editing Features

Have you ever experienced finding an compress pdf file and you can’t do anything to update it? This tool will allow you to do a number of editing features to ensure that your documents are ready to share. Here are some of the things that you can do using GogoPDF:

1. Split into separate pages

You can split PDF pages using this platform. It’s the process of extracting the PDF file into single pages and saving it as individual documents. This is helpful if you need to send each of the document’s pages to separate recipients. Moreover, you can also select a couple of pages from a document and save them into one file. It’s like creating a digital photocopy of an existing PDF.

2. Combine Multiple PDFs

If you often use PDF documents, there is a high chance that you already have a lot of documents saved on your computer. What you can do is to group these documents based on different categories and save them as one file. Using the merge feature, you can save a lot of space from your computer plus it will also be easier to look for documents when you need them.

3. Rotate Page Orientation

It’s important to always make sure that your PDFs are presentable to your clients and colleagues. Before sending out a document, if you notice that some of the pages are upside down, you can also use this tool to rotate the page orientation of your document. In that way, you can be sure that the recipient no longer has to rotate their device when viewing your document.

4. Delete Selected Pages

One of the most efficient ways to edit your PDF file is by deleting unnecessary pages. Using this tool, you can delete selected pages from a PDF document to ensure that it is updated. All you need to do is to upload the current file and select the pages that you want to delete. Through this, you will have lesser yet more important content on your files.

5. Add Watermarks to Documents

Some people prefer to give their documents an identity. You can do that as well by adding a watermark to your PDF documents. Watermarks are like digital seals to ensure that the reader will be notified about the ownership of the document. You can either choose to include your company’s logo or you can input any text you prefer to use as a watermark.

6. Insert Page Numbers to PDF

If you are sending a long-form document, it is recommended to use page numbers. In that way, the reader or user will be able to track his progress. It’s also easier to remember important information from your document if there are page numbers. If you happen to receive a long document that does not have page numbers, you can also use this tool to insert them in your document.

7. Sign a PDF file

Do you still remember the tedious process of signing a document that was sent to you by your colleagues? In the past, you needed to print a document, manually sign it, and scan it again so you can send it back. Those days are gone now. With this tool, you can easily sign a document digitally. All you have to do is to upload the document on GogoPDF and affix your signature on the website. You can also choose on which part you would like to insert your signature. After which, the tool will generate an updated version of the document with your signature in it.

8. Edit PDF Contents

In cases where you only need to edit a few sentences or paragraphs in a PDF file, you don’t have to convert it back to its original file format. You can upload it on GogoPDF and edit your documents directly. You can also use this function if you need to fill out a form that was sent to you via PDF.


Editing your PDF document may be necessary at times. While we applaud this file format for its permanence, there are still instances where we need to update or edit its contents. In times like this, make sure that you can count on a reliable tool. Visit GogoPDF to know how else this platform can be of help.


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