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Affiliate Trends 2022

Affiliates of casinos and bookmakers are one of the most profitable ways to make money in the field of gambling. Every day, many players come to the sites of institutions to hit the big jackpot. Therefore, casinos and bookmakers earn large amounts, and arbitrageurs can constantly receive their share of this money. In affiliate marketing casinos are gaining more and more popularity and with you can become a partner!

Those who are looking for a profitable affiliate will surely like the bookie affiliate program Parimatch, which offers the most favorable conditions for cooperation. To start making money by attracting traffic, it is important not only to find a reliable institution but also to understand the mechanics of the affiliate program.

Trends in gambling and betting affiliate programs in 2022

The main thing in affiliate marketing is a well-thought-out strategy, which is created by taking into account the risks and market development trends. With the help of trending tools, you can very quickly prioritize and increase the credibility of the advertiser.

Relevant this year are:

  • Personalized messages. Impersonal advertising offers do not interest the modern consumer. Most often, an individual approach brings the expected response. Personalized tools include VIP and special offers, promotions, and discounts, easy access to various internal online casino events, ratings and loyalty programs, and gifts.
  • Impeccable reputation of the arbitrator. Stable traffic sources are active social media accounts with a large, loyal audience.
  • Mobilized traffic. Arbitrators working with popular instant messengers attract much more traffic since most of the traffic of gambling establishments is a mobile audience.
  • The uniqueness of the content. The goal of any arbitrator is to attract as many clients as possible to the gambling resource, so the webmaster must turn each potential client into an active user of the establishment. Important in this process is the quality of textual and visual content. Loyalty to the operator increases and the presence of a section with reviews.
  • Availability of native advertising. This is one of the hottest affiliate marketing tools of 2022. The essence of this method is the integration of advertising into contextual material. The user perceives such advertising as part of the content of the site, which causes irritation or rejection. The only disadvantage of this tool is the high cost of its creation.

Using competently all relevant tools, an affiliate marketer will be able to attract high-quality traffic as quickly as possible.

Why do we need affiliate programs for casinos and betting shops?

Affiliate programs are mutually beneficial cooperation between a gambling establishment and affiliates. The partner brings new customers to the site and receives a one-time payment or a permanent income for this, depending on which cooperation model the casino offers. There are affiliate programs that pay a fixed amount for registering a new user or for replenishing their gaming account. If the program pays out according to the RevShar principle, the arbitrator constantly receives a percentage of the profit that his referral brings to the institution.

Some casinos offer mixed, bespoke collaboration models. They include several standard options and are available only to trusted partners who attract a sufficient amount of traffic to the site. Each webmaster chooses the best program for himself, depending on whether he wants to receive a stable income from several referrals or can attract a large number of clients constantly.


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