Best Online Websites offering English Language Courses

E-learning has made it easy for language learners to learn a language in the comfort of their homes at their pace.

There are various websites and blogs which can help you in gaining knowledge about different aspects of English. Such as, you can learn vocabulary by reading different blogs like

Such blogs are helpful, but online courses have unbeatable benefits. They can give you the support and guidance needed to become a fluent English speaker.

That’s why you should know different online English courses to make them a part of your learning journey.

Fortunately, there are numerous websites which are offering free and paid English online courses.

Let’s discuss them in detail so that you can add them to your learning journey.

1. FutureLearn:

If you are looking to enhance your Academic English, FutureLearn can be your stop. Different universities give numerous free and paid courses.

The most significant disadvantage of self-paced online courses is that you can’t make interaction with other learners or instructors. But, this is not the case with FutureLearn.

There are specific start dates of different courses, which you can join and interact with learners and instructors through the comments section.

But, if you want to learn the course at your own pace, you can go for it too. There are different videos, documents, quizzes, and articles in a course that can give you a bulk of information.

Though there are free courses available, you can pay to get the certificate of the course. As classes are primarily from different universities, that certificate can help you greatly in the academic world.

2. Alison:

Established in 2007, this website has 4000 courses and 192 language courses. They have courses for each level ranging from beginner to advanced.

They have a whole section dedicated to English learning and have a bulk of free courses with free certificates. Also, some of its courses are free, but you have to pay a bit to get a diploma or certificate.

You can also pay a small fee during the course to have it ad-free and gain access to it for a whole year.

3. edX:

edX is the biggest online learning website established by Harvard and MIT. Here, you can find college-level courses which high-level professors teach.

A lot of courses offer certificates in the end. Most of them are free, but some studies have fees. So, make sure to check it before signing up.

4. EnglishClass101:

The website contains different lessons for various language skills for each grade. There are multiple episodes in each grade, and most of them are free.

The lessons have audio and video lessons from energetic native English teachers, which can upskill your English learning.

With each lesson, you also get written notes which will help you to develop your English comprehension too. You will also get a community forum to communicate with other learners.

5. Coursera:

Coursera is an ideal platform for a lot of advanced learners. It has associations with universities and institutes so you can learn from experienced teachers.

Each course has videos, followed by exercises and quizzes. There is also the option of peer-rated assignments to learn from learners like you.

6. Udemy:

Udemy is full of different video courses, which are either free or have nominal fees. You can find classes here of every type, either from renowned universities or from unknown ones.

Each video lecture is followed by writing material and quizzes. You can learn from a video lecture, can read the lesson, and can quiz yourself to know how much you have learned.

7. Oxford Online English:

This website has free detailed lessons that can teach you various English language skills. You can find videos of every type here; even IELTS preparation and Business English lessons are also present.

Free videos are uploaded weekly so you can get fresh and detailed content.

The paid version allows you to get access to unique videos, and you can also interact with the teachers, who can give you feedback.

Wrap Up:

These are seven websites that can help you in learning English fast in the comfort of your home.

You can find a lot of free courses and lessons here that will help you dive deep into English. So, do make them a part of your life.

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