Best screen recorder software in 2021:IObit Screen Recorder

In the twentieth century, educators, online tutors, and business representatives might need to record PC, computer, or laptop screen during their classes or live meetings. For this purpose, we need software that can record the screen of PC or computer without any compatibility issues with the operating system. The software is popularly known as screen recorder software. Some websites allow users to capture and record the computer screen and make videos in suitable file format. The online screen recorder can capture any desktop or laptop screen and create a video with high-quality resolution. Although there are many software for screen recording available online, not all are equally safe to install and use. Some of them consist of too much advertisement, while others might consist virus that can be harmful to our device health. IObit Screen Recorder is the best screen recorder software compatible with Win10/Win8/Win7/Vista. The desktop version of the software can be downloaded easily from its official site. It is safe, secured, and reliable software to record the PC screen of PC or laptop used for webinars and presentations.                     

Main features of the IObit Screen Recorder

  • Available free of cost:- Since IObit Screen Recorder is a freeware software, that is why it is available free of cost. The software is fully compatible with Win10/Win8/Win7/Vista. Using this screen recorder application, we can create a high-quality video by capturing the computer, desktop, or laptop screen.
  • Allows us to add sound using Microphones: If we want to add our voices in the screen recording for demonstration of something, we can easily do this action using IObit Screen Recorder.
  • Add mouse click effects:- When we are moving the mouse or cursor during screen recording, we can highlight it or add effects using IObit Screen Recorder.
  • No time limitation:- When we use other free recording software, they have limited time for recording the screen. However, using IObit Screen Recorder, there is no time frame limitation. We can capture the screen of a laptop or PC screen and create videos of any length. There is no watermark in the screen recording videos that IObit Screen Recorder produces.

How to download, install and use IObit Screen Recorder?

  • The setup or executable file of IObit Screen Recorder can be downloaded from the official site easily.
  • Run the downloaded executable file of IObit Screen Recorder from the download folder.
  • Click on every positive response like I agree, next, and finish completing the setup or installation of IObit Screen Recorder.
  • Launch the IObit Screen Recorder from the desktop screen icon.

IObit Screen Recorder is the safest screen recorder app for the Windows operating system. We can use this software for recording any desktop or laptop screen without any issues. Using this screen recorder, we can highlight the cursor’s movement during screen recording or add click effects. Not only this, we can use this software to create a high-quality video while screen recording by adding voices using microphones.


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