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Building my Brand on LinkedIn (Using

If you plan on making a solid first impression in the professional landscape, using LinkedIn to your advantage is a must. Whether you’re a brand that’s trying to network or an individual who is seeking out the right employment opportunities, using for your LinkedIn presence is a must! I speak from personal experience, of course, and I’m going to talk about how GOSO helped me in this article today.

I’m not the most tech-savvy person on the planet, and that means I have trouble when it comes to properly using social media platforms. LinkedIn is a lot like Twitter for strictly professionals, as it’s a profile that potential employers and partners will look at to get a feel for you (or your brand). 

Perfect Social Media Platform for Professionals

Since there are so many like-minded individuals present on LinkedIn, it’s the go-to social media option for anybody who is looking to get serious about their work. Brands can be built on other social media platforms like Instagram (which GOSO also happens to offer services for!), but LinkedIn is the main focus of upper-level companies that prefer to interact with professionals.

Instagram and Twitter are platforms that can be bombarded by the public, while LinkedIn is often reserved for people who maintain a professional appearance online. For that reason alone, it’s a necessity that you handle your LinkedIn marketing campaigns with the help of reliable services (like GOSO).

Network with Like-Minded Individuals

You don’t have to waste your breath and resources trying to sift through the general public on LinkedIn, especially when you decide to use a company like GOSO to improve your online presence. Wasted words are no longer a thing, as you can focus on a specific industry (or even company) should you choose to do so on LinkedIn.

Grow Your Presence Using

You can organically grow your LinkedIn presence using GOSO, as they use techniques that are undetectable by the LinkedIn algorithm and will draw in natural traffic to your profile and posts. They offer three different monthly packages to choose from, so you can go with the cheaper option and choose to invest more as your account (and influence) grows on LinkedIn.

GOSO uses keywords to target your audience of choice and uses different techniques to help them engage with your content. It isn’t a matter of fake profiles commenting on your posts, these are real people that work within your target industry! 

My Verdict: Try It Out for Yourself!

For example, I’m in the insurance niche and was looking for a way to grow my online presence – GOSO made it so that all of my LinkedIn posts were finally being seen by the right people, and I was able to turn a significant profit as a result (results may vary, of course). If I had to give a verdict on the service as a whole, I would highly recommend you check it out if you’re looking to strengthen your LinkedIn presence.

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