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How to choose the right leggings for each type of sport?

Leggings are sports garment that allows us to move in different directions. There may not be something more comfortable than this, but not every mesh is suitable for every type of sport. I have had to realize based on having negative experiences. For example, strength training leggings don’t perform as well for running workouts. It is an ordeal to have to be holding the waist of the mesh because it slips with each stride. 

Your best leggings for…


Running involves a lot of bouncing off the ground, so ideally leggings are made from a compression fabric. The compression provides a feeling of retention and warms up the leg muscles; so that will keep you safe with every stride. You should also consider a reflective patch (in case you train first thing in the morning or at night) and a small pocket for your keys.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

When you’re doing high-intensity interval training routines, you should get high-waisted, compression-fabric tights. Just like running, the compression fabric prevents the legging from shifting uncomfortably when you jump or sprint.

Why should I have a high waist? It is not just a question of aesthetics or trying to camouflage the love handles; the high waist is a plus for when you have to do stair climbers and you don’t want to constantly pull up the waistband of the leotard. Also, keep in mind that sweat is a factor that also makes leggings slippery and soaked faster. If you don’t want to end up with soaking wet leggings and embarrassing yourself, avoid cotton ones and opt for dark colors. Read the Halara reviews for better choice…


With the arrival of good weather, many people are encouraged to go hiking, but what type of mesh should you wear? Actually, you don’t have to be too demanding when you go hiking, but you do have to be aware that they can break if you fall or rub against stones. In addition, they must be very flexible and comfortable in case you have to climb steep trails.

Choose a basic one, with a medium waist and without compression

Indoor cycling

Once upon a time I walked into a spin class in some strength training tights and guess what? I ripped all the interior seams from the rubbing of the saddle. Imagine that you are going to be sitting on a bicycle for at least 45 minutes. You need a kind of cushioning and extra padding for your noble areas. Also, forget about zippers or pockets, because with friction you can injure yourself somewhat unpleasantly.

Cross Fit

Anything that involves jumping and squatting means you’ll need Pocket leggings that allow for maximum range of motion but still keep you cool; so a good option would be high-waisted compression shorts. Make sure they are mid-thigh, to prevent them from rolling up. Don’t you feel comfortable showing so much leg? You can choose HALARA leggings, which will keep you cooler than long pants. In addition, these reduce the friction that shorts can sometimes cause.


If you have ever practiced yoga, you will have seen that you need high-waisted tights that will stay firm regardless of the bending and stretching movements you make. But this is not the only thing you should keep in mind. If you are going to a Hot Yoga class, you should look for a fabric that dries quickly and is breathable.


You can keep in mind the same advice as for Yoga, although in reality, the slow movements mean that you do not have to worry too much about sweat. So you will not “fail” choosing any material. What you should try is that it does not have pockets or zippers in the lower back area. Think that most of the class you will spend lying down or doing lower back exercises.

Weight lifting

Get some high-waisted leggings to support and engage your core. Also, make sure that you can bend and squat comfortably. You need strong seams so you don’t tear the pants (I’ve already worn 3 this year). Leggings that have a double layer of stitches will be less likely to tear than single-layer ones. Try giving it a tug at the seams; if they stay firm and don’t bounce when released, it’s your tight!

Training while pregnant

Because most pregnancy workouts are on the low-impact side (especially later in pregnancy), performance matters less than comfort and coverage choose a super stretchy pair that stretches with you and your growing belly and a lightweight fabric that will help keep you cool. For maximum versatility, look for a criss-cross back panel that lets you wear the leggings over or under your bump, too.

Arge sizes

Not all women have the same bodies, nor do all leggings fit equally well. Leggings that are not your size will negatively influence your performance. Opt for high-waisted ones that help you feel collected and let you flow better in the movements. It’s not about aesthetics, it’s about comfort.

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