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Marketing Trends Will Help You to Increase Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is a very important aspect of every business. If you can’t convert most of the visitors on your landing page, then you are leaving money on the table. Today we will share with you proven and working tactics to increase conversion rate.

Gamify the buying process.

Are you bored with playing games? No, it hooks you. This is the main quality of the gamification process. An interesting and competitive shopping experience can dramatically increase your online store’s conversion rate.
By playing the buying process, you kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you give users psychological comfort and make them feel more relaxed when they spend money on your website. On the other hand, you increase customer loyalty by entertaining network visitors and improving their mood.

Add a fun animation of the progress bar so that the buyer can understand how far the purchase process is. This will improve the user experience and make the waiting process more pleasant for users. You can also try using some kind of narrative animation.

Imagine a cute character guiding a customer through the shopping process on your website. Such a cartoon character will help relieve stress from the user and make the user feel like they can find help when they need it. Characters, interactive charts, and funny success notifications can all do much more for your ecommerce experience than you might imagine.

Invest in influencers who use videos.

Many marketers say YouTube has become the second Google today. While YouTube is growing rapidly, people are increasingly looking for something that is easy to explain in a video. You can get thousands of subscribers by simple videos on YouTube and it’s the easiest thing to do for marketers.

What is the reason? When it comes to presenting information and interacting with the user, video always works best. As such, today, collaborating with video influencers has become an important part of marketing for many brands.

Just look at the social media profiles of influencers like Casey Neistat. You will see a huge number of online followers across all social media, even though he started his success story with YouTube.

Video offers endless possibilities for engaging with audiences on social media like YouTube, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and more. Video marketing can work just like word of mouth (WOM) marketing. This is a kind of social proof that can complement your social media growth and dramatically increase your website’s conversion rate.

Include non-trivial trust tokens.

While marketing technology is rapidly evolving and influencing your decisions, there are a few outdated digital marketing tips that still work today. You would prefer to order the services of the company if other people were satisfied with them before. This is a psychological phenomenon called social proof.

Its main idea is that people are more likely to convert if they see trust signals like reviews, follower counts, awards, etc. on a website. Expert social proof, crowd wisdom, friends wisdom, certifications, awards, celebrity social proof – all of these trust markers will help you make your marketing more engaging.

A great example of social proof for celebrities is the Bvlgari website. This internationally renowned Italian jewelry brand uses background videos of celebrities wearing Bvlgari jewelry as a token of trust on their website. Sometimes social proof doesn’t even need words. This can be intuitively understood when you see certain visuals.


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