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The advent of the internet accompanied by the modernization of technology opened the door to a more convenient and fast-paced life. Everything is agile. People’s lifestyle has changed including communication, education, work, and even household commodities are dependent on the power of the internet.

Online casinos joined the bandwagon in 1996 by Intercasino. But before that, there was the software Microgaming which was established back in 1994 on the Isle of Man.

Almost two decades later, online casinos became a hit because of the comfort and convenience that it offers. Although in early 2000, conservative casino gamblers find online casinos not very trustworthy because of the malware and the rise of cyber theft those times. Aside from that, they didn’t feel comfortable playing baccarat or poker using their mobile phones or any gadgets. Such an idea seemed preposterous back then. Incidents such as these especially cyber issues prompted the online operators to be more watchful in terms of the cybersecurity that they install.

At present, online casino is well-known and more people took notice of the convenience that it offers. That’s why DiverJoe casino, a notable online site from Australia introduce the best new online casinos the online bettors to choose from. These new casinos not only promise exciting new games but also perks and promos along with it.

When the pandemic hit, online casino business skyrocketed because the majority of the countries worldwide declared lockdown and everyone has to stay home. Young, working people of legal age and yuppies started to realize the beauty of online gambling and of course, big benefits especially if they know how to play well. Who could resist big payouts? You get money and having fun at the same time.

There are two types of online casinos namely:

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• Web-based

This type of casino is also known as Flash or No download casino is a type of website wherein players may play games without downloading software to their gadgets or computer. It only requires browser support such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as well as a stable internet connection to play the games which were represented by plugins such as Macromedia Shockwave, Java, or Macromedia Flash.

The web-based casino is very convenient for people who are on the go but still wanted to be entertained in their short idle moments such as waiting for a flight in the airport or on a cue inside a bank or grocery store. Aside from its convenience, security is also one of the best deals with this type of casino. Players don’t have to give their information after making a deposit.

Since this is a Flash online casino, one has to manage their expectations when it comes to graphics and sound quality. That’s the catch.

• Download-based

Players are required to register and download the software so that they can play and wager. The software is connected to the casino service provider and doesn’t need browser support so players can fully enjoy the game in full clarity in sound and graphics. The downside of this type of program is the risk of malware. Online casino operators are watchful to this type of issue so most of them installed network security device which monitors the site.

Types of Games

o Virtual Games

This is also known as a software-based casino online game because their games are determined by using pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) software wherein it ensures that the game played is random, unpredictable, and fair similar to playing slots or throwing dice in a land-based casino.

o Live Dealer Games

This is a bit pricey because online casinos have to employ professional casino dealers or croupiers, cameramen, ITs, and also, they have to be in a room that copies the real land-based casino. Unlike the software-based casino, all games here are done live in real-time. An OCR or optical character recognition is installed for the player to interact with the game and a live chat feature so players and dealers can easily communicate.

General Insights

Gambling has already been part of our culture since a long time ago. Just like time and people, it also evolved and will continue to do so. Nevertheless, the entertainment that it brought to people is ceaseless.


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