Self Protect and Show Concern Masks and Their Efficiency

Self Protect and Show Concern: Masks and Their Efficiency

The Covid-19 pandemic has popularised the use of two things in the whole world: masks and sanitisers. The fame that was bestowed on them is extraordinary. As the world was unprepared during the first wave of coronavirus, there was a shortage of medical and surgical masks. And, as the situation was unexpected, the shortage was expected.

During this situation, many PPE manufacturers like PPE Tech started a full-fledged production of different types of masks. And as the production of the masks increased, the demand stabilised, and there was even emergence of varieties. So, the common types of them include surgical masks, double masks and P2 masks (the most effective of them all).

This article will provide a brief overview of why P2 masks are highly effective against viruses:

Masks and Significance

The centre for disease control and prevention in Australia highly recommends that it is essential to wear masks in public. It includes anywhere outside the safe space of homes.

These places include planes, trains, buses, restaurants, salons and supermarkets. And in most of these places, people follow the guidelines and wear masks. However, when it comes to the types of masks worn, there is clearly a distinction. They include:

1. Surgical Masks

It is a mask that is loose-fitting and disposable. Surgical Masks act as a barrier between the contaminants present in the air and the user’s mouth and nose. It is also known as a medical mask as it is mainly used for isolating contaminants.

The main use of these masks comes in health care settings where there are common concerns about body fluid and other contaminant transmissions. So, when they use the masks, the spays, splashes and droplets will stay filtered out. Moreover, an important factor often missed about surgical masks is that not all of them are the same. Some would be thick enough to prevent the entry of certain specific contaminants, while others promote breathability.

2. Respirators

Some of the advanced masks include P2, N95 and KN95, which ensures maximum filtration of viruses and contaminants in the air.  These advanced masks are used in healthcare setups, industry and construction sites, which have a lot of dust and fumes.

3. Surgical Vs P2 Masks

In order to prevent the spreading of covid 19, the Infection Control Group Experts suggest the proper use of masks. However, which is the best, the surgical or P2 masks?

The P2 masks are tightly fitted masks that allow only minimal leakage during inhalation. Meanwhile, the surgical masks are loosely fitted with leakages all around the edges. Furthermore, while P2 masks protect from non-oil aerosols and large droplets, the latter is useful only against splashes and sprays.

The P2 masks have the upper hand over the usual surgical masks as they are more resistant and protective against leakages. Moreover, they have an intact strap and fits properly.

How to Buy the Right Mask

People tend to buy masks from random manufacturers that are not even known. And this can be dangerous considering the safety and protection of the people. Therefore, always purchase masks from manufactures and sellers that are popular and approved, like the PPE Tech.

Meanwhile, the only thing to note is the certification of the masks and if it abides by the regulations of the TGA (according to the Therapeutic Goods (Excluded Goods) Determination 2018). TGA also has a comparison chart set up, which can help know the standards of masks purchased from abroad.

So, always try to buy P2 masks as it aids in proper protection and comes as a proper fit. They are also the best when it is unavoidable to contact the public.






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