The Major Differences Between Task Management and Project Management

It’s pretty easy to confuse task management and project management. That being said, many don’t even know that those two are different. Many corporations stick only with task management software, as it often allows them to solve the significant parts of projects. However, when looked closely, those two tactics significantly differ. 

Task management is usually used to keep track of little and separate tasks, while project management is used for larger projects with longer durations. But let’s dig deeper and see the major differences between task management and project management.

Task Management vs. Project Management: Key Differences


The first difference between those two management styles is their scales. Projects are usually larger, especially when compared with tasks. Yes, projects can be big or small depending on the company size, but they are always larger than tasks.

Projects are usually more time-consuming and expensive, and they are set to involve more team members in the long run. Managers and heads of departments are generally the ones who run and work on those projects.

Tasks, on the contrary, are shorter and easier to accomplish. They are typically more cost-efficient and involve fewer employees. Many small business owners prefer to use only task management software, as it is convenient for smaller teams.


The focus of a project and its goals, timelines, and outputs are referred to as project scope. Projects typically have broader scopes than tasks. This is why project management is used to achieve more influential objectives for the company. 

On the other hand, tasks are a part of projects; their scopes are also smaller. Tasks are direct and have an exact purpose. The success of tasks is calculated by completing them on time and meeting all the requirements.

For example, a firm can plan a project to measure their employee engagement by getting software for HR management. While this software is an excellent part of the project, the company wouldn’t have great results without completing daily tasks with it. The organization will achieve its end goal only by adding daily functions to the whole project.

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As mentioned above, projects are longer and more complex. This also affects the time needed to complete them. That’s why projects are almost always more time-consuming than tasks. Project managers develop a timetable for the project and make sure that the team members are inspired to do daily tasks and finish the whole project. Although project deadlines are pretty significant – extending from months to years, they help keep the entire team responsible and accountable. Projects are often segmented into smaller parts, so it will be easier to track progress.

Task management work similarly; the significant difference is the duration of the deadlines. Tasks are smaller, so their timetables are usually shorter. Daily or weekly tasks can need to be completed on time. Keeping track of tasks ensures that the project will turn out as planned. It also helps to find out the troubles early on and solve them.

Final Thoughts

Project management and task management seem similar at first, but they are entirely different when you look closer. However, one can’t function correctly without another.

If you keep track only of daily and weekly tasks, the future of your business may be vain and uncertain. On the other hand, planning projects and not setting daily tasks to achieve them will do no good for your plans. So, pay closer attention to your studies and projects and make a wise decision.

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