Top 3 places you can go for your bachelors party

Wedding day is the most stressful day of our lives while a bachelor party is the most fun and entertaining one. Maybe not the day, but the night for sure. You and your girls deserve to have a day in the most eccentric way possible. There has to be good food, expensive drinks, a lot of colors on your clothes, a theme for sure and don’t forget the bride.

Beside a good restaurant you have to choose the gifts for the bride. If you ask me, you need to choose something fun and catchy, not mainstream and original. Moreover, make sure the bride is satisfied with the decisions you make before the event happens. We don’t want an unsatisfied bride. So talking about choices and decisions, let’s get straight into details and see where the most searched places for this bachelor party are and what you can do there.

Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas right? Well of course, until the husband finds out. Las Vegas is the perfect place to be when it comes to bachelor parties. There is good food, expensive drinks, a great diversity of clothing stores and a lot of beautiful instagrammable places. The casinos are the main attractions and the heart of the city but if you really feel like staying in the hotelroom all night drinking with your girls you can also taste a little bit of Vegas vibe going to a live casino. Easy as that so you have the best of both worlds. I would recommend visiting the Fountains of Bellagio, Stratosphere Tower, Las Vegas sign, T- mobile Arena and many more attractions that will blow your mind. Don t forget to save some time for shopping at the most amazing North Premium outlets.


The beaches, food and party vibe of Ibitza will make you fall in love the second time in your life. There are some nice restaurants you should go with your girls such as: STK Ibitza and Pomona Ibiza. Make sure your hotel has room service for continuing the party there with a lot of champagne and be prepared for the next few days when you’re going to be sun kissed at the beach. Try out these beaches while you’re there: Benirras, San Miguel, Ses Salines,Talamanca etc. Blue, turquoise water and soft sand is all you need before wedding stress. You also need to join boat parties, with Mediterranean food and unforgettable sunsets. Take your drone with you to record your journey on the sea.

Hong Kong

One Of the most eccentric places on earth, Hong Kong is a good choice for a bachelor party. You have a variety of skyscrapers and places to visit. The diversity of food will be the best part of your journey. Hong Kong will offer you the possibility of experiencing a new culture with iconic street styles and a lot of good vibe. Try the most amazing restaurants: Man Wah and Tin Lung Heen. Also go visit Victoria Peak, Big Buddha, Wong Tai Sin Temple. Moreover, it’s best to go on Dragon’s Back Hike which will reveal beautiful views of the ocean. It’s more like a cultural bachelor sexperience but it’s totally worth it.

Whatever you want to choose from those 3 above make sure you take some photos and come back with some good memories. Try to make the best of it, a lot of organization staff are about to come. Enjoy your time trying to visit all the best spots in town and try every kind of food you haven’t tried yet. It’s your moment.


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