What Are The Most Trending Apps in 2021?

Have you ever thought about the most downloaded applications worldwide? In this world that technology is the number one device in our lives. Apps and devices are the most important things in the world. Besides, applications are the handiest platform for business.

There are millions of applications in both App Store and Google Play Store in 2021. We are going to talk about the most trending apps worldwide. So let’s talk about them and analyze them.

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The most famous app in 2021 is TikTok. By April 2020 people got familiar with this app and the number of downloads increased. This social media platform is used to create a variety of short-form videos, the genres like dance, comedy, and education. The duration for each video should be from 15 seconds to three minutes.

According to the covid-19 pandemic, most of the users are at home and thinking of new ways to start filming and entertain themselves.

This app is available for both iOS and Android. There is no need to pay money for downloading or using it.


Facebook also is a popular application worldwide. Facebook was founded in February 2004. Facebook also is a well-known global social networking service. This platform offers other services and products beyond its social networking platforms, such as Facebook Watch, Facebook Portal, and Facebook Messenger. The Facebook family includes WhatsApp, Instagram, Oculus, Mapillary, and Giphy.

It’s a good place to have communication, to share posts, and good for the business too. People can use Facebook on Android and iOS. It’s also free.

When it comes to one of the first social media apps, knowing about the history of social media can be both fun and amazing.


WhatsApp is another celebrated app in the world. Creators released it in January 2009. The developers are WhatsApp and Facebook. People can communicate and start to chat with each other. WhatsApp allows users to send messages like text or voice, make voice or video calls, and share images, videos, locations, documents, and other content.

WhatsApp released WhatsApp Business, a standalone business app targeted at small business owners, to allow companies and markets to communicate with customers and users who use the standard WhatsApp client in January 2018.

People can easily chat and make calls on Android and iOS. The pricing is free.


Another most favorite app among people is Instagram. In October 2010, the creator launched this app. Its developer is Facebook. People by sharing posts, stories, reels, videos, and images of themselves can engage with others. This platform is a good place for businesses and whoever wants to grow online businesses.

People can easily connect with each other by following others. And they can simply engage by sharing posts and leaving comments, or sharing stories and replying to them. It also recommends hashtags to explore better.

There is no price for using or downloading this app. Instagram is accessible for Android and iPhone too.


Spotify was founded in 2006. Spotify was the top downloaded app on the iOS platform in the United States in March 2020. It earns income by offering premium streaming subscriptions to subscribers as well as through advertising spots.

Spotify has about 320 million monthly active users as well as over 144 million paid customers. With Spotify, you’ll be able to listen to music from a variety of musicians all around the world.

You can even make your personalized playlist. Its ‘Discover Weekly’ function allows you to create a playlist based on your preferences.

Spotify is also one of the most popular places to listen to podcasts.


Zoom is now trending on all major platforms worldwide. The global market for this app was also increased by the epidemic. This app is ideal for video conferencing and was one of the most popular in 2021.

The amount of yearly meeting minutes on Zoom, according to reports, hits 3.3 trillion. Every year, the app holds 45 billion minutes of webinars.

Zoom made $882 million in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year 2021. In January 2021, the app has already been downloaded for over 38 million people.

As the epidemic spreads and the majority of the population remains at home, the app will continue to dominate. Zoom allows people worldwide to organize video conversations to maintain contact with friends and families and to do business.

The webinars and video meetings of Zoom were frequently used. It is an application that incorporates video conferences, meetings, and chat for many uses. You may also arrange calendar integration meetings. Screen sharing, recording, and many more are additional remarkable features.


Telegram is one of the most downloaded and popular applications in the year 2021. In2021, there were more than 500 million registered monthly active users. You may save as much data as you want on the applications. You may send an infinite number of text messages, media files, and documents using it.

Everything is saved on the cloud. You may use them on any device and your data will not be lost. This is one of the most significant benefits of using this application.

Telegram is suitable for both companies and brands. Telegram transfers 15 billion messages a day. The app allows you to establish private and public channels, both of which are open to your followers.

An exciting fact is that the brand never announces its promotional application.

Final note

These are some of the most trending apps which you might already know about. An app will accelerate the development of a company and deliver a customizable user experience. The most popular applications mentioned above make use of technology to succeed worldwide.

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