Who is Can Ata Kıraç?

It is known that Can KIRAÇ was born in 1927 on the land that is now known as the “Atatürk Forest Farm” in the Etimesgut of Ankara, the capital of our country. His father Ali Numan KIRAÇ was an agricultural engineer and he was working in Gazi Farm under the command of Gazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK in those years. Gazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK named Can because of the environment he was in. Cana KIRAÇ explained that he felt very lucky because of this situation in an article he wrote about his life from his own pen. In addition, the surname KIRAÇ was also determined as “Kıraç” by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk due to his father’s “Dry Agriculture” work in Eskişehir province. He also mentioned that it was an honor for his family and for himself. His childhood was spent in the farm life in Eskişehir province. The reason for preferring agriculture, which is the father’s profession, as a profession that has lived hand in hand with the soil for many years, also originated from this lifestyle.

Schools Completed by Can KIRAÇ

Can Ata KIRAÇ graduated from Galatasaray High School in Beyoğlu, Istanbul in 1946. after graduating from Ankara University Faculty of Agriculture in 1950, he started his working life as an apprentice of a person named Bernar Nahum at the Automotive Branch of Koç Trading Company in Ankara in the same year. while he was a student at Ankara University in 1949-1950, he chaired the Turkish National Student Federation. in 1952, he was accused of inciting the Turkish people to revolt because of an article he wrote to adhere to the principles of Atatürk and was tried. he served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce in the 1960s and advocated a planned mixed economy.

Can KIRAÇ’s Business Life

Can KIRAÇ worked as a lawyer for the Assembly Industry in the press and panels in the 1970s. He took part in the committee that carried out the preparations for the establishment of the Turkish Industrialist businessmen’s association with the long name of TUSIAD. Can KIRAÇ, who stated in every speech that he was the life of Koç Holding in the 1980s, has served Koç Holding for many years. he did not accept Süleyman Demirel’s invitation to enter politics in 1991 and ended his 41-year professional life with his own request at the end of 1991. He has worked for Koç Holding for exactly 41 years and he is proud to talk about working in this community. From time to time, in the articles published in the press, he was mentioned as the Soul of Koç holding and he was always proud of it. He retired by not heeding the suggestions of his friends that retirement life is not for him and that he should continue his working life, which is impossible to withdraw into a corner. Can Ata KIRAÇ has always been a good listener in his managerial life and has been open to different ideas in a structure. He has always worked selflessly and has always taken care to be conciliatory. His busy working life has worn him out and he has decided to break away from Koç Holding, where he has been working for a lifetime. He is enjoying his retirement by getting the freedom he deserves. Businessman Can KIRAÇ lived his childhood and youth years in the humble conditions of a government official father. For this reason, he thinks that studying at Galatasaray High School is the biggest luxury of his life. Can Ata KIRAÇ, born in 1927, is currently 95 years old. He continues his retirement life.

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