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Why Interactive Video is the Future of Digital Marketing

Video has gained popularity among people of all age groups, and most brands today have video as a part of their digital marketing initiatives. If you are one such brand, then you must be keen to make your intro video and come up with innovative ways to raise customer loyalty. Considering that one in every four consumers loses interest in a company whose website does not have video, coming up with video content is no longer optional for companies that are focused on growth.

Since 48% of digital marketing professionals admit to plans to add YouTube to their distribution channels over the next year, the potential of video is immense. You can take one step further, by using interactive video to build rapport with your audience. In this article, we will tell you all that you need to know about using interactive videos in digital marketing.

The screen recorder app is located in the notification panel. Swipe this panel downwards to bring up the “Quick Settings” menu.

Introduction to Interactive Video Content

In simple terms, interactive videos are a form of digital content where the user can interact with the video and choose a path based on their personal preference. An interactive video plays like a normal video file but has several hotspots. The hotspots are clickable areas, and depending on which hotspot one clicks, a story will unfold.

While some hotspots open to a different part of the story, others take the viewer on a different video file altogether. From the perspective of a content creator, there are immense storytelling path creation possibilities. The more thought you put into the planning process, the more diverse will be the story possibilities, and the better will be the number of shares.

Perks of Interactive Video Content

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The fact that the average watch time of an interactive video is 44% longer than that of linear video establishes the fact that interactive video content is popular. As a brand, if you can get your point across in a medium that viewers connect to, you increase your chances of being heard.

Systemic Tracking

Unlike conventional videos, where the view rate is the only tracking metric, you can opt for in-depth data analysis to gauge your video performance. Interactive videos have the provision of tracking clicks within the video, video form feed data collection, and the detailed analysis of the paths taken by the viewer during branching. Such data allows you to understand your user taste which puts you in a position to deliver better results.


Interactive video viewing assures an active viewing experience making the user less likely to get distracted. Since the video is simulating a game-like experience, there is a significant increase in user activity, and you will see better engagement on your posts.


The average conversion rate of interactive video content is 11%. The conversion figures are significantly higher when compared to that of banner ads, YouTube annotations, and Google display ads that have an average conversion rate of less than 1%

Better Retention

Interactive videos make a user more likely to remember your brand. As a potential customer is more likely to engage with an interactive video advertisement, they will be familiar with the brand name and recall that when they must make a purchase. While engaging with interactive content, viewers often have memorable experiences that they later tend to relate to your brand.

Higher Enjoyment

At the core of any marketing campaign lies the idea of giving viewers what they enjoy. Interactive videos help you to add a moment of delight to the user experience and make it more enjoyable. That way, the viewer spends a long time on the video page, making them more likely to buy from you.

Making the Most of Interactive Videos

Now that you realize how interactive videos can boost your digital marketing efforts, the next step is creating high-quality interactive content.

Design Your Interactive Videos Thoughtfully

Before you get down to creating interactive videos, you need to realize that interactivity should be added to your videos to boost the user experience. Merely adding interactive content for the sake of it or simply to show off will do you more harm than good. Strategize the placement of interactive content in such a way that the information is passed on in a meaningful way while the user experience remains easy to navigate.

Gamify the Content

Try to design your interactive content such that there will be multiple content pathways that your viewers can choose from. That way, each viewer will be taken through a video viewing experience that they created for themselves. With gamification, you can use interactive videos to build a personal relationship with your viewers that will help in establishing your brand identity.

Encourage the User to Be A Part of The Story

One of the best ways to allow your users to be a part of your video is to allow them to be characters of the story. If you want to earn brownie points from your viewers, you can consider coming up with the option where the users can choose the character or role that they wish to play. To make the most of this aspect of interactive video, brainstorm and come up with a powerful plot that will make your viewers feel like they have a role in your brand’s story.

In today’s marketing context, you may feel that creating an interactive video requires more planning and a lot more resources. However, a look at the recent user trends will reveal that interactive videos will give you a higher ROI and is worth the effort.

In the coming days, the popularity of interactive videos will surely rise, and brands that jump into the interactive bandwagon early will have an edge over the competition. If you want to prepare your business for a digital future of growth and immense possibilities, then interactive video is the way forward for your business.


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