Why Should I Go With Triple Pane Windows?

There are a number of benefits to getting new window installation in Edmonton done, and there are also a variety of things to consider for the windows you’re thinking of getting. Not every window is built the same, and while single-pane windows might look a lot more affordable than triple-pane windows, the former won’t be as energy-efficient as the latter. Everyone wants an energy-efficient home that will have them saving money from month to month, and one of the best ways to achieve that is by getting triple-pane windows installed on a home.

Triple-pane windows might seem like an expensive pill to swallow upfront, but the windows should be seen as an investment in comparison to just another added monthly expense. Triple-pane windows installation in Edmonton has a wide variety of benefits associated with it:

Your Home Will Be Comfortable In The Colder Months

One of the best things about triple-pane windows is that they consist of three layers of insulation that will have your house feeling nice and warm even in the coldest months of the year. If you’re wanting to increase that insulation even further, considers getting Low-E coating applied to the windows. Low-E coating is perfect if you want to prevent sun damage on your hardwood floors and furniture.

Climate Control In Summer

Triple-pane windows will also keep your home much cooler in the scorching hot summer months of the year. These windows are designed to keep the cool air in and the warm air out, and that means your air conditioner won’t be working around the clock to make up for compromised and deteriorating windows with broken seals. Low-E coating will also direct and reflect the sun away from the home, and that will make the temperature inside the home feel even better.

Thermal Efficiency

Between triple-pane windows is either argon or krypton gas. Krypton gas is known to be the best insulator against the elements, but because there is a greater supply of argon, it is commonly used in many windows. Each of these gases will form a barrier between your glass panes that will keep the energy from getting in and out of your home. Triple-pane windows are even better than double-pane windows because they contain a second layer of insulation. It’s a night and day difference between single-pane windows and triple-pane windows, and many homeowners that have single-pane windows report huge savings on their electricity bills every month.

Resale Value

Installing triple-pane windows in your home can tremendously increase the resale value of your home. You can expect to have a return of 75% of your window investment after getting triple-pane windows installed. Window installation in Edmonton is one home renovation project that has one of the highest rates of return on investment of any of the renovations that you can do to a home. That isn’t to say that you should have to worry about selling your home in the near future. The future value of your home will stay increased because of your investment into triple-pane windows.


Another bonus to triple-pane windows is that you typically won’t have to worry about condensation building up on your windows. When warm air comes into contact with a surface that is cooler than the air, condensation will form. It’s something that is a little more concerning in the winter months of the year because that’s when windows are more susceptible to it. If the humidity of your home is too high, you’ll have an increased chance of condensation occurring on your windows.

Condensation in your windows can be an annoying thing to deal with not only because of the obstruction of your views of the outdoors but also because of the water damage that it can result in. If you don’t get it under control, it can lead to damage to the wood frames and exterior walls. Mold can also occur, and that will be a nightmare to get rid of. If you’re wanting to reduce the chances of condensation, new window installation in Edmonton is one of the best ways to do so.

Energy Bills

Everyone wants a lower energy bill at the end of the month, and installing triple-pane windows in your home is the key to saving money. If you currently have single-pane windows, there is a good chance that you’ll save nearly $500 during the first year alone on energy bills. Who doesn’t want an extra $500 kicking around?


If you’re looking to increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, install triple-pane windows. No one is proud to have old, cracked, and deteriorating single-pane windows that are full of fog and condensation. With triple-pane windows, you’ll be able to customize them to fit the design and style of your home. If you have a Victorian-style home, why not get a bay or window installed and enjoy the benefits of increased natural light throughout it? Windows are one of the first things that people see on a home, and they can really have your home making a bold statement for itself.


Triple-pane windows are much more solid and durable in comparison to single-pane windows, especially if you go with vinyl frames. Vinyl triple-pane windows will give you decades of use out of them, and you’ll also barely have to spend any time maintaining them. The frames on vinyl windows are:

  • Highly resistant to the elements
  • Resistant to warping
  • Resistant to peeling
  • Energy-efficient


Triple-pane windows will last you a long time. You can easily expect to get over two decades of use out of them, and if you still have that $500 of energy savings per year floating around in your head, multiply that number by 20 and you can see why windows are considered an investment instead of just another added expense.

If you’re considering window installation in Edmonton, contact Canglow Windows & Doors today. They will streamline your window installation process and you won’t have to worry about your old, cold, and drafty single-pane windows from bothering you any longer.


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