Why Your Brand Must Use Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is an omnichannel marketing strategy to deliver a unified message for all the marketing channels your brand uses. The goal is to provide a seamless and consistent experience when potential customers interact with your brand. As a result, it will create a pleasant buyer’s journey for potential customers.

What will happen if you do not have an integrated marketing strategy? You risk delivering mixed messages and sound disconnected when communicating with your audience. Those make your brand disorganised and fragmented, hence, not a brand you want to try.

That is why you need to use integrated marketing. Let’s see several other advantages of this marketing tactic.

Build your brand awareness

To deliver a unified and consistent experience, you need to have brand guidelines. Brand guidelines consist of brand voice, brand tone, and brand identity. Then, you will use the brand guidelines for all marketing materials you are going to produce and use for your integrated marketing strategy.

When you use eye-catching imagery from well-planned graphic design along with an effective brand message, you can build your brand awareness gradually. Consistent brand identity will make people be aware of and recognise your brand over time. As a result, integrated marketing can help to build greater brand awareness.

Meet potential customers in more ways

Integrated marketing utilises an omnichannel approach. Omnichannel means a multichannel approach to acquire sales by providing a seamless experience, whether your audience interacts with your brand in real life or through a smartphone or a desktop.

In other words, through this effort, your brand will meet potential customers offline or online. Hence, you will meet more potential customers in more than one way.

Show up in many marketing channels

The best practice of integrated marketing is to market your goods or services on both online and offline channels. Once your brand set up all marketing materials you are going to use, your brand will appear in many popular marketing channels.

For instance, in an offline channel, the audience can meet your brand:

  • At your offline storefront
  • In a train station, through printed advertisements
  • In a lift through lift advertising
  • On newspaper or magazine through media buying

In addition, your marketing effort will also bring your brand online through your owned media, such as your website or social media. By showing up in a lot of marketing channels, this can also help the branding strategy of your business.

Reach more audience

Besides using offline channels and your owned media, you can reach more audiences with this tactic because you also have to utilise digital channels outside your owned media.

A recommended practice for integrated marketing is you also have to spread the word about your brand on the internet. To illustrate, you should also use online advertising, social media advertising, collaborate with YouTubers, work with bloggers, and etc.

The result from these efforts will see you reach more audiences outside your owned media.

Get valuable insights to evaluate your marketing effort

Integrated marketing combines the best of digital marketing and offline marketing. That means you can get insights for the performance of your marketing. Use the insights that you get to evaluate your campaign and create a better campaign.

You might be wondering how to get an insight into the offline channel?

You need to utilise a trackable QR code. Create a trackable QR code and put it on the marketing materials for offline channels. A trackable QR code on an offline channel provides a seamless experience.

Also, you can track how effective the offline channel performs, like finding out how many people scan for the QR code for the advertising placement in a train station or a lift advertising.

Better customer experience

As mentioned, you must provide a seamless and consistent experience for your potential or existing customers. Creating that kind of experience allows your audience to have a great experience when interacting with your brand. Particularly, they can easily reach out or interact with your brand through channels, like WhatsApp or DMs and more.

All in all, integrated marketing is great because it helps to amplify your brand on the online landscape or offline channel. Following the recommended practice, you can create a unified, consistent, and seamless buyer’s journey, increasing your chances to acquire your audience as customers.


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