8 Cost-Effective Ways To Promote Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great business idea, but it can be difficult to get enough followers or traffic to make it worthwhile. Here are 8 cost-effective ways to promote your content marketing.

1. Social Media Promotion

If you look at all of the marketing tools available, social media would rank among the top three or so. This is because social media is an extremely powerful tool when used correctly. Virtually anyone with internet access can be a member of any social media site.

People read posts, look at videos and sometimes follow links that are interesting to them. This is why it’s a great way to promote your site by adding relevant and strategic links in these places.

Tips for social media promotion

  • Use mentions and tags to target specific people
  • Tweet using a quote taken from the content
  • Cross-post, but make sure to change the message for each platform
  • You can tag relevant people and businesses when you can (primes sharing).
  • To promote past content, add it to your content calendar

2. Display Ads (Google/Bing Ads)

Banner ads, also known as display ads, are a popular way to promote your business. These people are looking for content that is relevant to what we want to promote, and this will result in traffic.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is when a bigger or more well-respected platform endorses and points to our content. This could be a website, blogger, or page. A shout-out from a large platform could bring in a lot of traffic if our content and products are good.

4. Guest posting

This is very similar to Influencer marketing. This will not bring in as many visitors as Influencer marketing but it does have its pros. It is easier than Influencer marketing and we can easily add a blog to any website as a guest. This means we can write our blog and reach the people we wish to. A well-written blog will bring in lots of traffic. UK guest post service is a great way to drive traffic.

5. Comment Marketing

Comment marketing is a controversial way to market. Some sources are like bots, or people adding random links and comments to random places. This most often results in little publicity. But if we pick the right places and comment that is relevant to our content, we can draw a lot more people to our site.

6. Email Marketing

The tool can be used in two ways. One, it can send out emails to random people, hoping that they will like it and sign up. You can also select people who may be interested in joining and send them quality content. This will increase your chances of getting visitors.

7. Link Roundup Post

This is a great method because it can be combined with all other methods. A link roundup is simply a post that lists all useful links and any content.

A well-written roundup post will provide more than a summary. It will also help increase traffic and allow the viewer to interact with us.

8. Email Broadcast

Most likely, you have an email newsletter or some other type of drip campaign. You may even receive email receipts. No matter what type of email you send, you still have the option to share the content. You might have seen people sharing a webinar or guide in their email signatures before.

Simply put, people read your email. Particularly receipts and confirmation emails. If you communicate via email regularly, they will also see your signature.

It’s not easy to promote content via email. It’s possible for people to be interested enough to click it.

Newsletters are a great way to share your content. Consider a newsletter that you are subscribed to. You will find the main message and relevant articles throughout. You might even see it at the bottom.

While readers may not click all of the links, they might be interested if something catches their attention.

Ideas for sharing your content via email:

  • Newsletter
  • Drip campaigns
  • Email signatures
  • Confirmation/Thank you emails
  • Update on product

In Conclusion

Your content is key to building your brand. It is one thing to be able to sell a product well, but another to write about it. You can further establish yourself and build your social currency by sharing your expertise.


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