8 Traits Women Find Attractive In Men

Are you going on a date for the first time and wanting to look your best self? Are you looking to charm it off at a party? Perhaps, you want to win someone over.

Don’t know where to start? Who knew science could help you decipher the secret behind what women directly or indirectly look for in a man.

If you don’t know about the tweaks behind impressing your date or winning a woman over, don’t worry about it.

We have you on board with all the tips you need to make women fall head over heels for you.

So buckle up and go on the following ride of all the traits women find attractive in men.

1. Wear A Decent Perfume

You don’t want to smell foul on your first date. The study finds out that fragrances like vanilla or lavender are the top-notch scents to attract women.

Wearing perfume also increases your confidence and makes women feel more partial in taking an interest in you.

A perfume or a decent cologne goes a long way in impressing women. Do not overdose too much on fragrances but try to wear a decent amount so you can ace your first date.

2. A Great Sense Of Humor

What good would the conversation be without a good sense of humor? You might look attractive from your appearance, but you sound monotonous and boring as soon as you start speaking. Chances are women might drift away from you, let alone take an interest in you.

Try to incorporate a good sense of humor in your conversation. It’s the most attractive quality to have.

Don’t know how to sound humorous? Worry not; it’s easy. Learn a few unharmful jokes and practice them until you master them as they say; fake it till you make it.

The tendency to make the environment light-hearted and exude positivity is one of the most revered traits. The perks of being humorous in a good way are that you will also sound intelligent and creative.

Women love to be lifted out of a bad mood. Use jokes to make women feel at ease. This will not only make them like you, but you might develop affable relationships with them.

You should use humor according to the situation. Using humor in serious problems might backfire and damage your reputation.

So, be careful in using humor but try to be light-headed in most situations.

3. Have A Furry Pet

The dog’s loyalty makes it a man’s best friend. It’s not just a stereotype when it comes to women liking men owning a dog.

It reveals a man’s ability to have a nurturing and caring relationship. Owning a dog also shows the bonding tendency and the commitment ability of a man.

Want to have a ball in your court? Keep a dog and talk about your pet when you converse with a woman. She would love to chat with you.

4. Have A Heart Of Gold

Have a spirit of altruism? You are definitely at the stake of being likable. Indulge in pro-social behavior, help out in charities, volunteer in donation drives, give ration aids, and try to be as altruistic as you can be.

If you are looking for long-lasting relationships, then engage in charitable behavior. Women like to have a long-term relationship with a man who has a helping hand.

You would not also have greater social standing in your circle but will win the hearts of women wherever you go.

Ladies also like men who stay away from alcohol consumption. Make sure you are clean from substance abuse before you go and try to impress your girl. Because if you are an alcoholic then you would not behave nicely because you might lose your senses.

5. Dress Up In Red

Want to dress to impress? The easiest thing to impress women is to wear red. It’s the most common and readily available color. Wearing red on occasions makes you more attractive and appealing to women.

A man wearing red is perceived as more desirable, charming, and cavalier. Incorporate red in your outfit, and smite women with your attire.

6. Engage in A Meaningful Conversation

Holding a keen conversation can go a long way when talking to the opposite gender. Women love to talk their hearts out and be heard.

When looking for a potential relationship, women want a man who is not afraid to talk to them. They want to have someone who could talk and resolve common relationship issues. If you are confident in your words, then you are already on the pedestal of gaining a potential partner.

7. Be Adventurous

Want to spice things up? Go out on a reckless adventure. Become a member of a sports club, seek the thrill of a new activity.

Women love to hear about the adventures; they seek a man who is not willing to shy away from the thrills of the world. They love men who take risks, especially in altruistic acts. Bicep stretches are a great way to impress a woman.

The daring, the better, break the shackles of your reluctance and win a woman over your adventure tales.

8. Having A Deep Voice Is Attractive

Science finds out that women love deeper and huskier voices. This is because it portrays a strong, confident, and robust personality.

Don’t have a heavy voice? Worry not, as your voice can be trained to be deeper. You will be amazed to find out how versatile your voice can be. Enroll in voice classes, take speaking lessons. You will benefit a lot.

These were some of the most revered traits women find attractive. Theoretical knowledge looks good in books. Hone these skills, practice them, and in no time, you would be a ladies’ man.


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