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Available Deposit Methods of FBS and Amount Management in the Personal Area

You have a variety of fee selections for depositing with FBS, which may vary depending on your region of residence.

Your location may also affect your minimum deposit amount and the choice of base currencies accessible in order to avoid extra fees.

Review all of the details in this guide.

Base Currency of the FBS Account

FBS account base currency is limited:

  • if you are trading from Europe, you can only use EUR as the base currency and fund your account in EUR only;
  • If you trade from Australia, you will take admittance to AUD along with EUR and USD.

But also always be aware of conversion fees.

Methods of Funding and Depositing an FBS Account

As a large forex broker, FBS offers you a wide range of deposit methods to fund your version. We have described them in detail below, as well as FBS fees associated with each method.

Wire Transfer

Depositing an account by bank transfer is available all over the world and does not entail any commissions. You should double-check your bank’s policy for bank transfers as there might be commission from their side, but never since the broker’s side in case of FBS.

This credit method takes 3-4 occupational days to be administered and accessible for trading.

Credit/Debit Cards

Deposits using FBS credit and debit cards are, of course, available. Visa and MasterCard cards are accepted in this situation.

Deposits are received instantly and become immediately available for trading on your FBS account. Moreover, there is no commission for this method of depositing.


Depositing an account via electronic wallets from FBS is becoming a more and more popular way of depositing your trading account. The broker kinds both Neteller and Skrill worldwide available for deposits.

Deposits from e-wallets are not subject to FBS fees and are also directly accessible for trading.

Other Methods

There are other ways to fund your FBS account besides the ones we mentioned. After it comes to other deposit methods, the minimum amount for FBS can vary along with some fees.

BitWallet is one such method, available only in Japan.

Making a Deposit in Personal Area

Read the instructions for easy and fast depositing in FBS mobile area:

  1. Click on “Finance” in the menu at the top of the application.
  2. Select “Deposit.”
  3. Choose the appropriate payment system and click on it.
  4. Specify the trading account you want to deposit.
  5. If necessary, specify the information about your e-wallet or an account in the payment system.
  6. Enter the amount of money you wish to deposit.
  7. Select a currency.
  8. Click the “Deposit to account” button.

Withdrawals and internal transfers are made in the same way.

You will be able to track the status of your financial requests in the Transaction History. But please note that the client can only withdraw funds from his account to the payment systems that were used for the deposit. If local banks are not available, profits can be withdrawn via any electronic wallets or exchangers.

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