BBA In Event Management: How to Develop an Enriching Career

Event Management is all about using management skills to plan, develop, organize, and market events. There are various types of events that students will be trained to deal with, such as sports events, corporate events, conferences, exhibitions, fairs, concerts, family functions, etc.

BBA in event management program trains students to plan and organize such events. It is usually a 3-year course program. BBA in event management is good for those looking to sharpen their communication skills and several other interpersonal skills. A BBA is a professional degree that is best for students who specifically want a career in business management.

A BBA in event management prepares you to use management skills for planning, organizing, and marketing events. You will learn about an array of events like corporate events, exhibitions, concerts, sports events, political gatherings, fashion shows, fairs, family events, conferences et al.

Students also learn the techniques of finance, accounting, human resources, public relations, branding, marketing, communications in the process to become skillful event managers and organizers.

The Roles of an Event Manager

The duties of an event manager are many.

  • Ideate on the basic concepts of their clients and plan the project, finance, and all aspects of it until execution.
  • Work with different sorts of people needed to host the event successfully— could be the talent, VIPs, security, or caterers, etc.
  • Budget and purchase the materials needed to host the event from hiring the people, allocating funds, or different departments like sound, light, etc.
  • Handle the legal aspects if any such as gaining police permission when needed, arranging the security personnel, communicating with the civic bodies, etc.
  • Look for the right place to host the event like an auditorium, indoor stadium, park, inside an office space, etc.
  • Stay in touch with the client throughout the whole process and maintain proper communication.

What are the subjects in BBA Event Management?

Some of the subjects taught in the BBA event management curriculum are:

Students learn how to organize events of a different variety and how to work with people from across industries.

  • HR Management
  • Event planning
  • Public Relations
  • Communications
  • Event production
  • Event accounting
  • Special events
  • Event advertisement
  • Event promotions
  • Staff management
  • Legal aspects of events
  • Hospitality
  • Safety
  • Media Management

Career prospects with BBA Event Management

With an event management degree, you can work in a variety of roles. You can also work independently or with an organization like a marketing executive, public relations executive, promotional manage, brand development director, finance manager, hospitality manager, creative director, brand manager, event planner.

A BBA in event management will help you gain the right exposure in the right manner. The courses are specially designed to train the student as per industry requirements to pursue a career in different roles.


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