Even if you are a beginner in the world of cannabis, you must be familiar with cannabis flowers, which are the smokable green trichome-covered buds of the cannabis plant. They were once the only cannabis product available, but that has since changed. There are many other cannabis products in the market, from sublingual oils to edibles and concentrates.

Also known as dabs, concentrates are one of the rapidly growing cannabis products in the market. They are consumed through dabbing to produce the fast onset of their potent effects. So what is the difference between dabs and flowers and which is best?

What are dabs?

Cannabis concentrates or dabs refer to the concentrated forms of cannabinoids and terpenes of the cannabis plant. They are available in different types that differ depending on the substance’s texture, consistency, quality, and potency. Common dabs include wax, shatter, sauce, live resin, oil, and crumble.

Since dabs have a concentrated cannabinoid content, you should only consume a tiny portion of the concentrate for a positive dabbing experience. If you want to consume dabs you need to find good vape kits to buy such as dab rig or portable vape pen that vaporizes the concentrate to produce the pleasant inhalable vapor.

Dabbing has various advantages compared to other ways of consuming cannabis. Firstly, concentrates have high potency cannabinoids and terpenes that give an instant effect suitable for patients who use medical cannabis. Secondly, concentrates are free from the unwanted parts of the cannabis plant, including the harsh tasting matter that can potentially introduce carcinogens in the body when combusted.

Thirdly, dabbing gives one the desired effect within minutes since the active components enter the bloodstream through the lungs’ alveoli openings. It offers users a product with stronger potency and flavor than other cannabis products.

What are cannabis flowers?

Cannabis flowers are the dense, green, and trichome-covered buds of the cannabis plant. The cannabis female plants’ growth cycle produces tiny flower buds during the flowering process, containing the highest concentration of trichomes than the plant’s leaves and stem.

After maturation, the flower is harvested, cured, and dried, making the cannabis buds or flowers that many cannabis consumers like to smoke. You can roll dry cannabis flowers in a joint for smoking or a dry herb vaporizer, depending on your preferences. Smoking buds is the most popular way of using cannabis for many people.

Which is the right one for you?

You are probably wondering which cannabis product is the right one for you, between dabs and flowers. The thing is, since dabs produce a high potency substance, they may be too overwhelming for a beginner. But they are ideal for the experienced cannabis user looking for strong, instant, and long-lasting relief.

Cannabis buds also provide an immediate effect but not a high potency than dabs. However, cannabis flowers are potent enough to get you stoned for more extended periods depending on the strain. Dabbing is healthier on the lungs than smoking, but it requires several pieces of equipment for the perfect dab. The right product depends on your preferences, cannabis needs, and desired effect. No one method fits all, but there will certainly be one consumption method that suits you in the long run.


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