How it was possible for the Euro 2020 to still be played

Unless someone was living under a rock, probably everybody has already realized that the whole world has suffered the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. This virus has killed millions and made millions more sick. It has disrupted social, economic and political aspects of all countries. However, this article will not discuss the pandemic. Instead, it will speak about how the Euro 2020 will still be played, and how those capable of making a Parimatch login will be able to enjoy this tournament in a completely different and incredible manner.

Probably already a few people reading this will wonder why we speak about Euro 2020 if we are currently in the year 2021, and no, it is not a typing mistake. While the Euro 2020 was planned to take place during last year, as its name suggests, the COVID pandemic altered many things besides political, social and economic aspects. Sports were another area deeply affected by the tournament. Not even the major competitions were spared from the difficulties that the virus created. The Euro 2020 is one of them. Because of the virus, the UEFA decided to postpone the tournament by one year, with hopes that by mid-2021, the world might be working more normally and the pandemic could be more under control.

Now with less strict lockdown measures, and with a fully-fledged vaccination campaign working at full throttle across the entire world, it was deemed that the situation was safe enough to celebrate the competition. Currently everything is set for the competition to take place across many places around Europe between june and july of 2021. It is already a good idea to clarify that while the championship is taking place during 2021, the name Euro 2020 has been kept for marketing purposes.

How can Parimatch improve the enjoyment of the Euro 2020

Having mentioned what happened with the Euro 2020 tournament itself. Now it is a good idea to speak about how punters can take advantage of the fact that this competition will take place. Considering that football is the most popular discipline around the world, and that by extension, millions across the entire planet will be putting close attention to what will happen during the Euro 2020, bookmakers have been quick to jump into action.

Places like Parimatch have adequately updated their websites with all the necessary information so that punters will not miss any single detail about the competition. Besides the wagers with great odds that the bookmaker offers, there are many other things that Parimatch offers to all of those interested in following the Euro 2020. By signing up to the platform, it is possible to enjoy other interesting features, such as:

  • live updates, which will allow punters to follow in a live basis what is happening in the football fields, including things such as goals scored, substitutions, cards, and much more;
  • complete statistics and past results, which will allow people to know how their favorite teams are performing, and what can be expected from them during the rest of the tournament;
  • and last but not least, some fantastic live streamings to follow the entire Euro 2020 competition!

This entire set of features can be enjoyed exclusively by those who have signed up to the platform. However, the great news is that it is possible to register a new account in Parimatch for absolutely free. There are lots of other features to enjoy about the Euro 2020 or any other sport on the platform. That’s why it’s a good idea to sign up now.


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