How long does it take to study for CCIE?

CCIE isn’t about being a genius on the keyboard who knows how to set up everything. It’s all about having a thorough grasp of network technology. One must have a firm understanding of why the CCIE gets required of you.

Before you begin

From the outset, you must have access to the lab equipment. Even if you pass the written test, you’ll need to do further experiments in CCIE training to familiarise yourself with the various technologies, instructions, and outputs. If you don’t have access to the lab, you risk failing the written test and squandering your time and energy.


To prepare for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure in San Francisco, you must commit. It’s something you can do by yourself, with your family, or with your friends. If you make a promise to yourself, it depends on your relationships with them or your self-discipline. The preparation procedure is lengthy and arduous, and you will attempt to drop out of the race from time to time. Commitment will aid you in not giving up and moving forward.


Every day, you should set up a time to study. Dedicate at least two hours each day to the research. The biggest problem with CCIE training is the volume of material required. It’s so big that you’ll forget about the first few topics before you reach the last one. It’s terrifying, and you might want to quit up again. Accelerate your education by devoting more time each day to it.

Algorithm for preparation

For the exam, you should stick to the blueprints. Because there is no single book that covers everything, you will need to consult various sources. To keep everything in your brain and ready for the exam, use this approach, which yields excellent results:

  • You study learning resources (books, documents, videos, and so on) and take notes by the blueprint for your CCIE track’s written test.
  • You create technical labs to delve into the specifics of network technologies, their architectures, and application scenarios.
  • You go over the materials again to refresh your memory on the themes.
  • Typically, you may arrange your written test for the next day.
  • You get success on the written test.
  • You re-create all of the technical labs to update the setup of individual technologies.
  • After that, you go on to full-scale and troubleshooting labs. Use at least two distinct learning material suppliers.
  • Using your notes or videos, you quickly revise the theory by the lab layout of your CCIE track.
  • You should plan your lab exam for at least 90 days, but if we’re talking about a set lab, you may generally book a spot for you within the following few days.
  • You’re going to build full-scale and troubleshooting labs once more.
  • You’re successful in the lab.

Depending on your past knowledge and available time, it might take up to a year to prepare and pass written and lab examinations. The fundamental guideline is to learn both theories and practice at the same time. This combination will aid you in getting a comprehensive picture of the technology and answering queries.


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