How to choose a refrigerator in 2022? Purchase guide

The refrigerator , if you had to choose only one household appliance in your kitchen and even in your entire home, it is the fridge that would be the chosen one. And for good reason, it keeps our most fragile and often also the most delicious foods cool: pastries, cheeses, dessert creams, yogurts.… In summer, it is downright indispensable. You imagine yourself returning home, overwhelmed by fatigue, opening the fridge, finding no drink or bottle of cold water, no comfort… A nightmare, hell! 

For some who are planning to move into their first home or for others who feel the need to change their fridge after several years of good and loyal service, it can be interesting to learn how to choose a fridge! The matter is not small, between the types of fridge , the types of cold and all the possible options, you will have to be vigilant. To help you know how to best choose your new refrigeratorwe have created a buying guide that we wanted to be as complete as possible. Happy reading.

Types of refrigerator, what to choose?

Before rushing headlong in search of your fridge , it may already be wiser to know all the types of fridges on the market. Depending on your needs or the size of your kitchen, you will need to choose a type of refrigerator: top refrigerator, American fridge, combined…

Top fridge – bottom fridge

The top fridge also called bottom fridge or top fridge is actually a small fridge. It is most often used in places where conservation needs are not the greatest. It is for this reason that they are mainly found in student rooms, professional premises or even in the kitchenettes of small apartments or studios. Their main advantage is its size, it is space-saving, easy to transport and fits well under the worktops of small kitchens. 

In general its height does not exceed 85cm. It also offers sufficient storage volume for a single person or a couple. Depending on the model, it incorporates a freezer compartment – ​​or ตู้แช่ freezer- which is very practical for storing small quantities of meat, fish or vegetables for a little longer. And then, in summer, it is very pleasant to have some ice cream or ice cubes on hand to cool off. 

If you are a large family or a gourmet couple, go your way, this kind of fridge is not recommended for you, except as an extra fridge. On the other hand, if you want to furnish a studio for a student rental, or if you are a student yourself, the top refrigerator is a reasonable choice.

Bar fridge or mini fridge

Smaller than the top fridge, the bar fridge , also called a mini fridge , is usually found in hotel rooms. In the shape of a cube, its dimensions are short to limit the bulk as much as possible. Its format only allows it to keep a few bottles: water, drink, alcohol. Indeed the storage volume of a standard bar fridge is on average only 46 L. It may, it is a suggestion, do the trick in a garage or shed with electricity.

1 door fridge, the standard fridge

The most standard fridge is the 1-door fridge. Its main purpose is the short-term preservation of food of any kind: dairy products, vegetables, fish, meat… About twice as large as a top fridge, it is very useful for families looking for more space. For their weekly shopping. The average volume of such a refrigerator is 250L, it is possible to find some offering 200L of volume and others exceeding 300L. As with many household appliances, the choice will have to be made according to the needs of your family. 

Using a large storage space for a few condiments does not make sense and even makes the fridge work for nothing. The disadvantage of a one-door fridge is that it does not have freezer space, so in fact this type of fridge is an ideal complement to a freezer, which rather and logically has intended to extend the duration of consumption of your food. This duo is well suited to spacious kitchens. Turn to the 1-door refrigerator if you do not need long-term storage or if you already have, or plan to acquire, a freezer that will come in addition.

Fridge-freezer, the 2-door combination

Over time the fridge-freezer, or combined fridge, combines two appliances in one! As its name suggests, it combines two functions: refrigeration and freezing. This is the main advantage of this type of fridge. No need to have two separate devices, just one is enough to ensure all the conservation needs of a standard family. The bottom part of the handset most often houses the freezer and the top part is the ตู้แช่เย็น refrigerator. 

At the top the space is dedicated to short-term conservation, at the bottom the space is dedicated to long-term storage. Some models offer a freezer space equivalent to a third of the total storage space, others are almost half and half. We often find combined fridges offering volumes of 300L with 180L for the refrigerator part and 120L for the freezer part. 

Small two-door fridges are also available in a medium 120 L version: 90 L in the fridge and 30 L in the freezer. An interesting format for couples occupying studios or small apartments or whose kitchen is cramped. The fridge-freezer is an ideal choice because it meets the need for short and long-term storage and for the needs of standard-sized families (couples with one, two or three children).

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