The difference between split air and ducted air conditioners

The difference between split air and ducted air conditioners

Air conditioners are a prominent feature in every residential and commercial building. Building owners and designers know what type of air conditioners they need for specific buildings. This is why they usually specify the right type of air conditioning system based on the design intent and the needs of the building. There are various types of modern air conditioning systems in the market. The two most prominent types are ducted and split air conditioners.

Ducted air conditioners versus split air conditioners

What they mean

The ducted air conditioners involve a building cooling system that has a central chamber. Ducted air conditioners are popularly known as Central cooling AC systems and they can be found in many shopping malls, public, and commercial buildings. It comes with a central chamber with ducts that lead to several vents. The air is treated in this chamber. The treated air is then sent through a connection of ducts to all rooms with the use of fans. Ducted air conditioners can be used for keeping big rooms/areas cool and helps maintain the same level of cooling throughout the room/area. On the other hand, the split air conditioners have separate cooling units and compressors for each room. This is a common feature for many standard rooms and offices. The split air cooling systems deliver a colling temperature that can be controlled separately.


The ducted cooling systems need the whole house to be ducted and vents have to be installed in all rooms. The central unit could be located outside. The split air cooling systems are easily installed since the internal units are installed in the rooms to be connected through a conduit pipe. Rather than vents in each room, the split air comes with evaporator units in all rooms. Maintaining the efficiency of your air conditioning system is crucial for both comfort and cost-effectiveness. Whether you have a split air or ducted air conditioner, regular cleaning and maintenance can significantly improve its performance. For those in the Portland area, an experienced team for thorough air duct cleaning in Portland is just a call away, ready to ensure your system is running at its best, providing you with clean, fresh air all year round.

Efficiency and running costs

Split air colling systems are less costly than ducted systems during initial purchase and installation. However, the ducted systems have more efficiency when it comes to cooling bigger rooms and areas for city halls, shopping malls, public and commercial buildings. The split air systems are only efficient in cooling smaller rooms in standard homes, offices, and shops.

Physical aesthetics

Ducted systems are usually installed out of view. They involve a central heating system that is installed outside the building. The vents are installed in ceilings and connected by ducts to the central units outside the building. For the split air systems, these cooling units are highly visible and noticeable. They are simple long rectangular boxes that are hung up at very high altitudes inside the rooms.

Maintenance and cleaning

Split air cooling systems differ from ducted systems because they can be cleaned easily by the owner. Cleaning of the split air systems usually requires screwing open the AC vents and cleaning out the filters. Thorough maintenance jobs are usually carried out by air conditioning repair Denver professionals. Cleaning and maintenance of the ducted cooling systems are usually performed by specialists. This is no work for the homeowner as the process usually requires experience and finesse. This is why many commercial and public buildings will usually hire professionals like Daikin air conditioners to help clean out and service their cooling systems.






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